If you are looking for an apartment or a house, you should abide by the real estate mantra of “location, location, location!”  Your new home’s location really is more important than anything else.  Most of those who have lived in urban, rural and suburban locations favor the suburbs.  Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of living in the suburbs.



The Peaceful Setting You Deserve 

Use your mind’s eye to envision yourself sleeping in until Noon on the weekends and waking naturally as opposed to waking as a result of noise pollution.  The only sounds you hear around your home are the occasional lawn mower and kids playing outside.  If this seems like a pipe dream, you have likely lived in the city for most of your life.  Live in the suburbs and you will enjoy a quiet, peaceful living space without nerve-wracking noise pollution.  Furthermore, you will sleep better.  High-quality sleep is essential to your well-being, work performance and physical health. 



The Suburbs Give You Privacy

The suburbs typically have a good number of single-family homes available for rent.  This means you won’t have to share a ceiling or walls with strangers.  Furthermore, you will have an entire front and backyard to yourself.  You won’t have to share any sort of community amenities, be it a barbecue, laundry machine or anything else.  This is the privacy every human being deserves yet only those who live in the suburbs actually enjoy.  



The Benefits of Living in the Suburbs: Safety

Crime rates are typically higher in cities and lower in suburban spaces.  Violent crime is especially high in urban spaces.  Though renting a home in the suburbs will likely cost more than renting in another area, it is worth the extra money.  After all, what good is a bunch of money if you are constantly worrying about someone stealing it, breaking into your home or robbing you on the street?



Open Spaces

Open spaces are underrated.  People have become so accustomed to sharing space with others that they believe it is normative to live and work right next to others.  Packing human beings into cramped urban spaces results in a low quality of life.  Find a home in the suburbs and you will be blown away by the wide open spaces.  You can go for a long drive without worrying about traffic, enjoy a hike or go jogging and breathe in clean, fresh air.  This is your opportunity to reconnect with nature.  Visit community parks, nature escapes and other green spaces and you really will feel better.



Accessible Parking

Anyone who has lived in a city will testify it is challenging to find a parking space.  Some large cities require people to pay for parking spaces.  The exact opposite is true in the suburbs.  These comparably green and open spaces are rife with parking spaces as there are actually parking lots instead of parking meters for cramped spaces on city streets.



The Suburbs Have Better Schools

Take a look at the latest studies and you will find most suburban schools are vastly superior to those in urban and rural spaces.  Suburban schools typically have better learning materials, teachers and higher graduation rates.  Even if you do not have kids at the moment, you might reproduce in the future.  Move to the suburbs now and you won’t have to worry about whether your kids receive the best possible education.