Have you ever thought of living by the beach? Most people yearn to live by the beach side. Life here appears exciting and fun. One of the critical considerations before making such a lifelong decision includes visiting and analyzing the communities that reside within your most desirable beaches. For instance, you may have to examine significant factors such as the financial system, well being, education, security, climatic patterns, and the overall quality of life. With the knowledge of such factors, it becomes easier to choose which beach community is the best and most favorable to you. From houses in Bakersfield to homes in Laguna Beach, see where the best beach towns to live in the Golden State are.


The California city is an inland capital, which has the added benefit of various coastal towns within.


Some of the features that make a beach community most desirable include the quality of housing, cost of homes for sale, and beach water quality. For instance, whenever you are looking for houses within California, you can consider the houses for sale in Sacramento. The town is situated amidst California Central Valley, and close to the coast. The parks and beaches around Sacramento are also enclosed with lakes, as well as the Sacramento River. You can then stroll around and enjoy the beauty of nature. You can also go and take pleasure in the sandy best of your choice on the ocean.


Generally, if you anticipate living amongst the best beach communities in California, you may consider any of these beautiful neighborhoods:



houses for sale in bakersfield



River’s Edge- Sacramento, CA


This classic art is your haven whenever you cherish a private, yet quality living within a beach setting. This is a gated community with friendly weather, unspoiled beaches, natural landscapes, plus abundant wildlife. Endowed with not only natural beauty but also an incredible culture, River’s Edge community offers you with the life that you always cherish. It is an exclusive senior community, with secured environs. Whenever you value tranquility and are looking for houses in Sacramento, you should consider River’s Edge community. Here, you will also benefit from amazing cultural, recreational, and social amenities. You also get to have quality moments at the fitness center and golf club and plantation, a concealed golf and beach club community.


2. Bakers Beach Community


Sacramento is close to San Francisco, whereby you can easily access the Baker’s beach community. Some of the nearby locales that you may consider for a home include the houses in Bakersfield. The advantages you may gain by being a resident of Bakersfield include the benefit of housing flexibility and affordability.

The local home builders within this region are taking consideration of keeping the house prices low, despite the rising cost of materials. As a buyer for the houses in Bakersfield, you may also receive an upgrade package or an incentive applied to the final costs. Such flexibility may be attractive to new home buyers. You may, therefore, consider such significant factors as among the best beach communities to live in California.


3. Laguna Beach


One of the quintessential beach communities in California is Laguna Beach. Thinks of this as the west coast Hamptons. If you’re looking for something more than the typical houses in Los Angeles or homes in San Diego, Laguna Beach may be the spot you’re looking for. This area is the pinnacle of luxury while still maintaining its tourist town appeal. There’s a reason MTV made a reality show based in this area. While the average home value is well over a million dollars (far higher than other areas in the state such as houses in Bakersfield), the area still maintains a strong sense of community. Laguna Beach’s natural picturesque beauty is incomparable. With its rich history, comfortable suburban feel paired with great restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, it’s easy to see why Laguna Beach is so highly rated by residents and visitors.


4. Warwick’s Oakland Beach Community



best beach towns in california to live



You will never regret choosing to reside within this beach community. The life and entertainment exhibited here is something that anyone can yearn for. One of the activities that bring people together includes the weekly cruise nights at Oakland Beach in Warwick.

Born as a center for summer activities and events, the Warwick beach community has grown to become a captivating region. It boasts of a diversity of activities and features such as art and culture, amusement parks, bathing beaches, peninsula, cruising bays, boat docks, skating rink, carousel, and bowling alley.

Currently, there is an upsurge in the population within Oakland. Due to the high housing competition by well-paid employees within cities like San Francisco, there’s continued rise in the cost of housing within those areas. Therefore, people are now considering bay areas such as the Oakland Beach Communities. It is thus safe to secure homes for sale in Oakland. You here get the benefit of saving the extra costs used in buying a house, which you can channel elsewhere, especially since you are looking into relocating, you may sure need the extra cash.

A real estate expert states that the advantage of buying a home in the outlying areas such as the beach areas is that; you will always find the home costs listed within the expected sell price ranges. Homes for sale in Oakland and other East Bay areas, for instance, often present up to 30% lowered prices than anticipated. This poses a great advantage to you, and should be a consideration factor.


5. The Manhattan Beach


This beach community in California is one of the most charming places to live in. Whenever here, you enjoy serene atmosphere and calm breeze which makes you unwind and enjoy a feeling of serenity at the beach area. There is Roundhouse Aquarium and outdoor fireplace, where friends and family can mingle and have fun.

Final Word

With the wonderful beach communities identified, which you can live in at California, you have the choice to select your most desirable location. You can then enjoy a lifetime of tranquility.


Whether you’re looking for a luxurious paradise getaway like Laguna beach or are in search of a nice quiet and comfortable houses in Bakersfield, California has no shortage of beach communities waiting for you.