If you’re planning to raise a family or you already have a family of your own, it makes sense to put a lot of care into choosing the perfect place to live. What are the best cities for families to live in 2019?


In order to find the perfect place to live, you need to consider a number of factors. It’s not only about the cost of living, but also safety, the number of events and activities, and the general feeling of the community. It can be hard to pin all of these things down to create one list, but we’ve finally compiled the best cities for families to live in 2019. Let’s get started so you can find your next dream home for your family!



Best city for families to live



1. Ann Arbor, Michigan

One of the best cities for families to live has been topping the city charts for years. Ann Arbor is one of the best places to live in Michigan, let alone the country, with a warm suburban feel.


Despite the lack of big city living, there’s so much to do here. With restaurants, shops, and parks, this is a lively place to call home. In addition, the public schools in Ann Arbor are rated highly, allowing families a lot of options when it comes to sending their kids to school. There’s so much to love about Ann Arbor!



2. Berkeley, California

Home to the University of California Berkeley, this city is so much more than a college town. With both an urban and suburban feel, there’s a lot of variety in home options here.


Because of the college town, this is an area that’s brimming with life and opportunity, perfect for young adults just starting to settle down. While the cost of living is higher here, as it is in all of California, but it’s known as the healthiest city to live in America. With so many parks, outdoor activities, and things to do, there’s never a dull moment in Berkeley.



3. Bellevue, Washington

Located just a short drive from Seattle, Bellevue offers all of the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest in an urban setting. On the shore of Lake Washington, this is the “small town” of Seattle, home to a number of thriving companies and cultural events.


In addition, Bellevue schools are known as some of the best in the country. There are even two major colleges, Bellevue College and the City University of Seattle. If you’ve wanted to call the Pacific Northwest home for your family, Bellevue might be right for you.



4. Winter Park, Florida

As the name implies, Winter Park was previously the go-to spot for the northern elite to vacation in the colder months. Now, Winter Park is an oasis right outside of Orlando. Close enough to the theme parks but far enough to steer clear of most tourists, there’s so much to love about Winter Park.


With highly-rated public schools, a thriving economy, and a range of housing options, it might be time to sell your home and head south to Winter Park. Come see for yourself why so many local residents consider this the best-kept secret of Orlando!



5. Boulder, Colorado

If the mountains are calling your family, look no further than Boulder, Colorado. Known as one of the best cities for families to live, there’s a lot to love about Boulder. With a suburban feel, there’s so much to do here from restaurants to local events.


Like Berkeley, this is also one of the healthiest cities in America, and it’s easy to see why. With so many gorgeous hiking trails and things to do outdoors, it’s no wonder that so many families are adventurous.



Find Your Next Family Home

As a family, you need to consider the best place to call home. It might be in the sunny city of Winter Park, Florida or in the lush nature of Bellevue, Washington. No matter which of these family cities pique your interest, you can feel confident you’re making the right choice.


It’s time to start packing your bags. Your moving day might be closer than you think. If you’re planning to settle down soon, keep these cities at the forefront of your mind.