With spring and summer being prime time for real estate transactions, there are high chances that a friend or family member in your entourage may soon take the next step and becomes a homeowner. After the weeks, and sometimes months of house hunting and the emotional turmoil that often comes prior to closing on their dream property, chances are high that they will want to mark the occasion with an epic housewarming party to introduce their new abode to those they care about.

As a guest, finding the perfect gift for your host is always an ordeal. Thankfully, we have gathered a list of the best housewarming presents for new homeowners that are sure to bring a smile to their face!



1. Gift cards from a favorite local restaurant (that delivers)

If you have ever moved, you know the tune: the days of setting up a new house and turning four walls and a roof into a home are often a bit hectic. Between opening an endless amount of boxes, figuring out the place of each object, and making sure all the administrative side of moving is taken care of, dinner time always comes too soon. By the time stomachs start to rumble, the last thing your friends will want to do is take over the kitchen (if the kitchen is even set up yet). Save them the trouble by gifting them a card from a local restaurant or delivery service!



2. Tool kits

From hanging pictures to putting furniture together, there will be plenty of occasions when a new homeowner wishes to have a couple of tools close by. If they have never owned a house before, the chances are high that they will not own many of the essential tools everyone should keep in their garage or their basement, even if they are not particularly handy. It may not be the most glamorous gift, but a well-equipped tool keep will serve them well for years to come.



The Best Housewarming Gifts To Get For A New Homeowner


3. Potted plant

Green plants are an excellent way to make a house a home. If the new homeowner has a garden, a new plant will be a wonderful reminder of their early days in the property as they see it grow along with the memories they will make in the house. Many houseplants need little daylight to thrive and are easy to take care off. Besides, many have air purifying quality and are a great present even if they have little to no outdoor space.



4. A bottle of wine

Buying a house and moving is a stressful process even when you are well prepared. Your friends will be happy to celebrate their new home and relax at the end of a long day with a bottle of their favorite wine. It also can help them make light of a long day of putting furniture together!



5. Candle

There is a reason why a sweet-smelling candle is one of the most popular presents for new homeowners. Much like house plants, they will help them make their new space feel more comfortable and familiar even while they are still in the midst of opening boxes.