Texas is a great place to live for both individuals and families. One must consider various reasons why you should move to Texas and what neighborhood you should settle in.  Texas has its own unique culture and flare to it that its residents are quite proud of. Safety, housing, diversity, the weather, and the cost of living are among the reasons that Texans cite as being the top reasons to live in the Lone Star State. 


Canyon Creek South

Cannon creek is located in the neighborhood of Richardson in Dallas county, Texas. The area offers a nice suburban feel with lots of coffee shops and restaurants as well as shopping, making it perfect for families. The area has multiple public schools and is considered a very safe area with little crime. Like many houses in Texas, the homes in Canyon Creek are nice and affordable. For families with young children, this is a great place to live. 



Wilshire Heights



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Also located in Dallas county, Wilshire Heights is a small neighborhood, home to just about two-thousand residents. This neighborhood is also well suited for young families as the public schools in the area all rank solidly above the national average. The residents of Wilshire Heights are predominantly families and young professionals. With affordable homes and a lower cost of living, Wilshire Heights is great for younger people starting out in their careers and or new parents. Likes most houses in Dallas county, the homes in Wilshire Heights are great quality for very affordable prices. 




Located in Plano in Collin county Texas, this diverse neighborhood of five-thousand provides its residents with an urban feel. The area boasts of great social life with lots of parks and restaurants for spending the night out. The neighborhood is in Plano Collin county Texas. The neighborhood has an urban feel with great social life with lots of restaurants, parks, and shopping options. The neighborhood’s public schools are highly rated as some of the best in the state.



White Rock Valley

This neighborhood is home to approximately nine-thousand people and has an urban vibe to it while remaining quiet enough for the many retirees who live there. A sizable portion of people who live in White Rock Valley are older or retired, but the nightlife and entertainment options keep it a great spot for younger families as well. The town has lots of great shopping, new restaurants, and plenty of park areas. The neighborhood is also very affordable and the homes are priced at great values compared to other nearby areas. 



Owens Park 

Owens Park is another neighborhood located in Richardson in Dallas county. The area is less populated than places like White Rock Valley and Timberbook with just about fifteen-hundred people living there. The neighborhood is diverse despite its small population and offers a remarkably low cost of living, making it a great area to live for younger families and young professionals. With great social venues and attractions for younger crowds, matched with the affordability it is easy to see why it attracts young professionals. Adding to the appeal for families with young children, Owens Park is home to a very highly rated elementary school and has very nice properties and very affordable prices. 



Lake Houston

Right inside Harris county Texas in Houston, Lake Houston is a highly populated area with approximately eighty thousand people living there. Home to many parks and restaurants, the area has a very suburban feel to it that makes it great for families. The area is populated primarily by families and young professionals and has a wide variety of restaurants and parks and other attractions that it offers its residents. Like houses in Dallas, homes in Houston are highly affordable for families and young people. 




Located just under an hour away from San Antonio in the heart of hill country, the town of Kerrville is a hidden treasure in the vast state of Texas. With a population of about 23,000 people, it’s larger than most neighborhoods on this list but still provides those who live there with a small town feel. Kerrville has a very lively nightlife and his populated primarily with young people. The town not only is an optimal place for new families to begin, but also is a college town as Kerrville is home to Schreiner University. As such the town has very active social attractions and great restaurants. 



Lakeside city



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Archer county is located right near Wichita falls and has a population of approximately 9,000 people. One of the best neighborhoods in the county is Lakeside city. With lots of restaurants, parks, great public schools, and high home ownership rates, this neighborhood is rated among the best in the area. The demographic of the area tends to lean older and is home to a lot of retirees. As for the real estate properties in Lakeside City, the homes are very nice and tend to be far more affordable than other competing areas. Many of the homes are in great condition and are well kept and up to date unlike some houses in El Paso neighborhoods for example. 



Fairways of Sherrill Park

Houses in Dallas county Texas are some of the nicest in the state and the county is home to some of the best neighborhoods that the state has to offer. Fairways of Sherrill Park is no exception. The area is home to some three thousand people and offers its residents a dense suburban lifestyle with lots of great amenities. The neighborhood has a very good safety rating and lots of entertainment options for young people and families. The area has seen lots of steady job growth over the years and the rents and cost of living rates are very affordable. Likewise, like other houses in Dallas county, homes are also very affordable for new families and young professionals. 



Van Alstyne

This neighborhood in Sherman has a population of three thousand people. It is a part of the Sherman–Denison Metropolitan Statistical Area. The area has great schools and is perfect for families. As s the case with most houses for sale in Sherman Tx neighborhoods, the homes in Van Alstyne are very good quality for affordable prices.