Bakersfield, California, has long been thought of as only a stopover city between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The first American settlers to the region were attracted to the discovery of gold in the surrounding area, especially in the Kern River. Today, Bakersfield might not be as well-known as the bigger cities in California, but it’s still a great place to live.


Today, Bakersfield has a strong job market and affordable housing prices, making it the ideal spot to raise a family. Additionally, Bakersfield has booming oil and agriculture industries which make this part of California feel a bit like Texas, spotted with oil rigs and farms.


There’s a lot to love about Bakersfield, from the wide array of parks to the short distance to the beloved Sierra Nevada Mountains. If you’re considering a move to Bakersfield, here are the best neighborhoods to add to your search.



1. Southern Oaks

While the home prices in Southern Oaks are higher than the median value in Bakersfield, you’ll get more for your money. Located near the Kern County Museum, the Park at River Walk, and the Bakersfield Museum of Art, this is a great suburb to share in the best of everything Bakersfield has to offer.


In Southern Oaks, you’ll find safe communities, excellent schools, and nearby activities. It’s one of the best spots in Bakersfield to raise a family, and this is what makes it a top pick on this list.



2. Tevis Ranch

Though the name might lead you to believe Tevis Ranch is in a rural location, this isn’t actually the case. The median income in this part of Bakersfield is twice as high as the local average, so this is a more pricy place to live. However, you’re close to just about everything you need, including Tevis Park, Pin Oak Park, and the Seven Oaks Country Club.



3. Quailwood

Though it was previously unincorporated territory, Quailwood is now a city resting right on the Kern River. Located only a short bike ride from the downtown area, there’s a lot to do here. It’s also close to the local university, making it a popular choice for students since there are a variety of housing options.


No matter whether you’d rather live in an apartment or a single family home, there’s an option for you in Quailwood. Just be sure to try some of the Italian food in this area like Frugatti’s and Little Italy restaurant.



4. Amberton

One of the smaller neighborhoods in Bakersfield is Amberton. This is where you’ll mostly find single family homes, though it’s still a great, quiet spot to call home. You’ll find the popular Amberton park in this part of town, as well as a lot of fun food options like Tony’s Pizza and Sweet Surrender Bakery. You’d never know you were only a few blocks away from the California State University of Bakersfield.



5. Laurel Glen

Finally, Laurel Glen is one of the more up and coming neighborhoods in Bakersfield. Located between the Oaks and Amberton, Laurel Glen is a larger area home to more diverse communities. You’ll find Westwold Park as well as a lot of convenient shopping.


This area of the city is quickly developing to include more local businesses like the Lengthwise Brewing Company, Nestle Grand Ice Cream, and Salty’s BBQ. Because of the many bars, restaurants, and breweries, it’s a popular place for younger families and college students to call home.



Where to Live in Bakersfield, CA

No matter what type of home you’re looking for, there’s a place for you to buy a home in Bakersfield. This is a truly unique part of California’s history, and there’s a lot to explore in this part of the Golden State.


No longer just a stopover between two bigger cities, Bakersfield is earning a name for itself as a top place to raise a family or start your career as a young professional. Use these neighborhoods above to start your search for your dream home in Bakersfield.