When you are planning to move or looking for a home for Sale in Oakland for your family, you must have more information concerning the sizes of the houses, schools, shopping centers me free neighborhoods. Sometimes it is advisable to seek advice and guidance from the real estate agents. If you want to sell your house fast or to look for homes for sale, they will guide you on prices to avoid wasting money and settling for a neighborhood that is not family-friendly. Some of the best and family-friendly areas where you can raise your family at ease include



Temescal is a well-known art scene neighborhood in Oakland. It is the perfect choice if I want to sell my home fast because of the high median home value that keeps on appreciating yearly. The amount appreciated by 16% last year and the experts believe that the cost will appreciate by 0.3% by next year. The majority of families living in this neighborhood are those who enjoy the art scene and takes advantage of the classes, workshop, and art scene performance that takes place every year. The area has a Mac Arthur Bart station. It allows the resident to access the Bay area easily .it is also known for the best coffee shops such as Julie coffee, Burlap coffee and tea garden, and a beer shop with an outdoor experience such as Temescal Breweries selling beers.


Montclair is one of the safest, affordable, family-friendly, and peaceful neighborhood in Oakland. It is located on the slope of Oakland hills with the largest forest and winding areas. The place has a median home value of 839,425 dollars and a house income of 154,175 dollars. There are varieties of houses for Sale from small, inexpensive houses, residential apartments, and cottages. The majority of the best schools such as Skyline high school and Montclair elementary school are located in this neighborhood. it is a perfect choice for families with school going children.it also has some of the best amenities running different type of exciting activities like the science center and Clare Mont county club with great restaurants that ensures you have a unique experience compared to other neighborhoods


Rock ridge

Rock ridge is the oldest, and trendy place having the most expensive large Home for sale in Oakland with well-maintained gardens. The median home value at Rock ridge is 1678500 dollars, with a median income rate that is twice higher than other places of 187758 dollars. It has bungalow styles houses perfect choice for professionals such as doctors and families with a budget of living in here. The place has more than 68 public schools and daycare, making it family-friendly. Although it is considered very expensive, the amenities found are worth the price. For instance, the shopping centers have malls that sell branded designer products such as Antique Talisman, market malls selling fresh foods like fish, upscale restaurants, and high-end clubs.


Crooker Highland

Crooker highland is a peaceful neighborhood with fewer crime rates offering a lot of luxuries to the residents. It has a median home rate of more than one million, with residential apartments or houses for sale and single home for sale in Oakland, the majority of residents are homeowners. The neighborhood is located along the city transportation route. Crooker highland is the perfect neighborhood for families. it is surrounded by excellent schools such as Corpus Christi school, Crooker Highland Elementary school, and Edner Miller Brewer school with several book stores such as Good Vibration bookstore and Diamond library. It has more learned people with master degrees compared to other neighborhoods. There are also several parks located inside this area, such as Lakeside Park, diamond park, Bushy Dell Creek, and Oak Grove park.it is also situated near the highland hospital.


Lake merit

Lake merit neighborhood is located 4 miles from the great lake Merit offering different outdoor activities such as canoeing and Rowling with local wildlife. It also has trails used for walking, running, and jogging. The place has a median home value of 441,200 dollars and a median income value of 82630, making it the most affordable neighborhood in the area, with the majority of people being young families. In case you want to sell your house fast and looking for an accessible area in Oakland to buy another home, you will never go wrong with Lake Merit. The area has relatively cheap top rank schools, and Oakland Children Fairly always attended by children who love Walt Disney.


Fairview Park

Fairview Park has a lot of single-family homes and residential apartments that attract most of the students from the University of California studying at Berkeley campus and multifamily homes perfect for large families or those who are starting life. The area is trendy for its nightlife in a club such as The Starry Plough Pub and a fitness place called Fairview Park for fitness. It also has unique places to visit, such as the Siesta valley Recreational center, Lacis museum, and a meditation temple of Berkley.


Piedmont Avenue

Piedmont Avenue was once known as millionaires’ city. It is a neighborhood on the border of Rock ridge and has a median home price of 1604, 023, and a median income rate of 15204. The majority of families looking for residential homes for sale in Oakland or houses for sale consider the neighborhood a great choice. The place has fewer restaurants and shopping centers, but it is still considered an ideal place to live because of less crime and peaceful environment.it also has excellent schools and daycares with five beautiful parks, a playground where different outdoor activities are carried out and a relaxation Spa called Piedmont Spring Spa. The majority of the houses are single-family home designs in a craftsman style perfect for large families.



The neighborhoods above are some of the perfect for family neighborhoods in Oakland. Whether large or small families. The majority of people always have a difficult time choosing the ideal areas. They end up spending a lot of money. For instance, if I want to sell my home fast or looking for homes for sale in Oakland, I will improve on my research and ensure I get the right house at the right price and in a perfect environment.