Choosing the best place to live is a big decision, mainly if it involves relocating with your family. Assuming that you have already asked the right questions,you know what your family needs, and you plan to make a move, you need to find a place where your children will have the space to enjoy their childhood. If you intend to buy a house in one of the neighborhoods in California, bear in mind that you are not only purchasing a home but also investing in a community. Find the most beautiful areas to live in California, with a lot to offer families. It’s a great time to look at houses for sale in Sacramento, Bakersfield, San Marino and elsewhere.



If you are looking to live in a great community and to make more for your money, there is no better place than Bakersfield, the county seat of Kern County. With a population of about 344,000 people, there are plenty of houses for sale in Bakersfield, as well as homes for sale in the most affordable city in California.

The best neighborhoods include Southern Oaks, Tevis Ranch, Quailwood, Amberton, and Laurel Glen. From The city’s wide variety of parks to the short distance to the scenic Sierra Nevada Mountains, there is a lot your family will love houses for sale in Bakersfield, ca. Moreover, the schools in Bakersfield are top-rated in both academic performance and equity. The average home value in Bakersfield is around $250,000 compared to roughly $350,000 for houses for sale in Sacramento.



Situated northwest of Los Angeles, the city in Ventura is a little town with a very decent quality of life with plenty of activities to do with your family.

The city has a population of 67,543 residents, a low crime rate, and highly ranked private and public schools that will be ideal for your children. The residents are conservative and like to stick to the town’s traditions. Some of the attractions you will enjoy visiting with your family include parks, aquatic centers, equestrian centers, and skateparks.

The weather is perfect for beaches, hiking, nature, and camping, and the town is 30 minutes to an hour’s drive away from big cities, should your family desire a big city escape.



Imperial County is one of the best cities for families, concerning crime rates, cost of living, schools, and family-friendly services.

Positioned slightly North of Mexico, and having a population of 17,175 inhabitants, Imperial is one of the fastest growing towns in California. Houses and apartment complexes are affordable, even for lower-income families. Your family will enjoy taking walks in the parks, camping in the dunes, and bird watching, among other amazing activities.


Los Gatos

This family-friendly town in Santa Clara County has a population of 30,922 people, and it has plenty of safe neighborhoods, as well as top-rated public schools.

The city named for ‘cats,’ which your kids will love, is located south of San Francisco and nestled at the base of Sierra Azules. If your family loves the outdoors, they will relish visits to the state parks, hiking trails, wildlife, and scenery. Though the neighborhood of Los Gatos is nice and luxurious it does however come with a steep admission price. The average home value in Los Gatos is $1.8M, over three times the price of houses for sale in Sacramento.


Mission Viejo

With a resident population of 96,124, Mission Viejo is a choice place to live with your family. The suburb located in Southern California is a popular vacation destination for people visiting from other states.

The community has safe residential districts, several parks with playgrounds, and the schools are rewarding. Besides, living where everyone else vacations does not sound like a bad idea.



Possibly you already know that Moorpark is one of the most beautiful places in Southern California to raise your family. The city of 36,274 people ranks favorably in education, work-life balance, stability, cost of living as well as family-friendliness.


Moreover, the city has the lowest crime rate in Ventura County, and it has many beautiful places to hike along the Conejo Valley, fun community parks, family farms, indoor batting cages, fishing, indoor kart racing, and soccer-related activities among others.



Oakland’s swanky suburb has excellent neighborhoods with great schools and transit options for families.The city in Almeda county has a population of 425,000 inhabitants and is situated to the east of San Francisco Bay. Houses for sale in Oakland have an average home value index of $765,350.


Some of the neighborhoods to consider, with homes for sale, include Rockridge, Temescal, Piedmont Avenue, Grand-lake Merritt, and Downtown Oakland. The variety of family-friendly activities and places to visit in Oakland include state parks, Oakland Aviation Museum, Chabot Space & Science Center, as well as the Oakland Zoo and the Children’s fairyland.



The city, with a population of 502,000, is the capital of the state of California and is located where the Sacramento River meets the American River.

If you are wondering why houses for sale in Sacramento appears on this list in the first place, the city has a lot more going for it and pretty attractive on its own. Homes for sale and houses in Sacramento are quite affordable, and you can easily find one that can comfortably house your growing family’s needs.

The weather is perfect for outdoor activities in the modern city’s numerous state parks, bird watching, visiting the historic forts, and the stimulating amusement parks.


San Marino

The city of 13,285 inhabitants found at the foot of the Angeles National Forest and South of Pasadenais a beautiful place to raise your family.

If your family boasts of an impeccable taste in architecture, living and driving through the streets of San Marino will bring you pure joy as you catch glimpses of the exquisite architecture of homes beneath the tree awnings of the town’s winding roads.

Top attractions of the city include children’s playgrounds and parks, the Art Museum and Botanical gardens, as well as the Huntington Library.


Sierra Madre

The town of about 11,000 people located in Los Angeles County is an excellent choice for your family. Most inhabitants living in the suburb own their homes, and the schools in the area are rated above average.

The city is more oriented towards families, and there are a lot of community events, hiking opportunities, state parks, as well as community centers. The neighborhood is very safe to live in. The quiet small town is perfect for raising your family, and you will like to call the place home.