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The Best Places to Rent in Florida

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Are you planning to rent property in Florida? Florida is an intriguing state that each and every one of us would wish to live in. The demand for houses and, more specifically, single home houses has been on high demand recently. This means finding a good place and a great house to rent is also a challenge; however, with excellent tips on how to find s rental property in Florida, you will be good to go. Despite the high demand, Florida still offers houses to buy at a cost-friendly rate although people always prefer renting instead of buying.


Another thing that makes florid to be favorable for those who want to rent their property is the low insurances and property taxes together with no state income tax. It also has an excellent climate with a lot of beaches around and stops a line of healthcare that makes FL be a top estate to live in. This article has compiled the best places to live in Florida, continue reading to find out more.


1. Tampa

Tampa is one of the best places for buying a house in Florida. Tampa has plenty of zip codes and neighborhoods where you can find a house of your choice at an affordable price. The area has an excellent employment rate and a lot of economic activities. Social assistance and health care are of top-notch with various services like personal care aides, health aides, physician aides, home health care aides, among others. Houses in Tampa Florida are moderately priced averaging $248k.


2. Bonita springs

This is the best Beach in FL for rentals without any doubt. The city has more than 51,000 people and is a great place to rent your home. The crime rate is very minimal, and the town provides the residence with god access to employment, one-bedroom is available for rental at the price of $ 1000 and below, while two bedrooms are available for under $1,300. The area has five beautiful beaches located nearby, including the famous lover’s key state park. If you’re interested in buying a house in Florida, then Bonita Springs should definitely be included on your list.


3. Jacksonville

This area offers robust job opportunities and high population growth. It is the largest city in FL and s home for the best health care faculties in Florida. Buying a house in Florida can be expensive, but in Jacksonville homes are 33% cheaper than the national house rate of about $278,900. The rental growth in Jacksonville is healthy. If you had a small family, this is an excellent place to start your family. You are going to enjoy the good clean environment around and the best house rates with a good business environment, no state income tax, and warm weather as well as excellent amenities.


4. Orlando

Orlando outshines the other States in terms of population growth and employment. If you are a young person still searching for an employment opportunity, then you should consider buying houses in Orlando Florida. Most common sources of employment in Orlando are food service and accommodation; others include social assistance, healthcare, and retail trade. This has all that you want to rent a house in, don’t be late.


5. Palm coast

Palm Coast is another best place to rent property in FL. You will be in a position to enjoy the good serene with a lot of amazing features around you. Ocean, good community, and scenic home designs that makes palm to be a place to consider renting a house in FL. Palm Coast is located on the upper east side of FL. It is hurricanes least touch one of the cities around that. You will not be in any trouble during hurricane time; you’re going to enjoy sunshine year-round. The area also hosts some of the best-kept beaches, speckled with magnificent trails and wonderful wildlife. Another thing that makes palm coast to stand out among other towns in the peaceful community around, many people rent property around Palm coast after retirement so that they can have a peaceful environment to rest and recollect themselves an after along tiresome career. You won’t be too far from everything.


6. Cape coral

It has canals of more than 400 miles, which is more than any other city in the world, is great place to live? Yes, you are going to live in a unique city that is going to make your whole experience to be amazing. If you love boating and fishing, then this is the place to rent a house for you, it is a hub for boating and fishing activities. The medium rental prices of the house are around $190k, which makes renting a property in this renowned city to be too cheap, anyone can afford, including first-time renters. At Cape Coral or homes for rent in Fort Lauderdale, you won’t have to spend a lot of your hard-earned money to live a refreshing and wonderful life as the area has everything you want, you ate not going to be forced to travel miles to find the best-recreating facilities. The town has a lot of destination activities and outdoor leisure activities.


7. Palm Bay

Palm Bay is another good place to rent property in FL. It is known for the numerous palm trees. It is a cool city with a good breath that markets the best area to buy a home. You will enjoy a lot of social amenities around the area. Home prices are relatively now wit average home Price being slightly over $90k. The main booming industry in Palm Bay is telecommunications. This is a great place to rent while you make your decision about buying a house in Florida.


8. Gainesville

Yes, Gainesville is the place to live in Florida. It offers a good living environment with a clean and fresh breath. Gainesville is the home for Florida University, which is one of the largest universities in the United States. Gainesville has been dubbed as the city of trees due to a lot of trees that have been planted over the area. You will enjoy the availability of amenities such as museums and theatres as well as historic ad sites like Ginnie springs, which is one of the best and cleanest springs in Florida.


If you are considering living in and eventually buying a house in Florida, these are the best places you have to consider. Choose one that you think is best suitable for you in terms of price, employment, and available facilities.

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