Selling your house is not as simple as it sounds and there are a lot of factors involved. What runs through most homeowners’ minds during this time is, ‘how do I sell my house fast?’ It is particularly difficult when you have no idea where to begin.


There are so many reasons why different homeowners are looking to sell their houses in Bakersfield including financial hardship, divorce, need to relocate, and unaffordable inheritance. Now, everybody is looking to sell their home fast, no one really wants to wait a long time before selling their house. What this means is that there is a lot of competition and you have to stand out.


Luckily, you came looking in the right place. In this article, we will take a lot at the best ways to sell your house in Bakersfield fast. We will be giving you practical tips that are well explained to ensure you sell your house as quickly as possible.



1. Start with web advertisement

Did you know that at least 80% of potential home buyers go to websites first to find houses? Your house, therefore, needs to find itself listed on at least one or two real estate listing websites. There are a lot of websites with listings of houses in Bakersfield that you should take advantage of.


The cost of a web advertisement is absolutely free on almost all the real estate listing websites. Why not take advantage of this fact? All you need to do is ensure your advertisement makes it to as many online property listings as possible.


Your online advertisement needs to be as precise as possible indicating the price and state of the property. You must also use the actual picture of the house to ensure your potential buyers get a clear picture of your property.



2. Use social media to market your Bakersfield house

So many people spend a lot of their time on social media daily. Share your property listing on your Facebook account Rather than sitting down and asking yourself how do I sell my home fast. Your Facebook friends will tell their friends, who go on to tell their friends, and soon enough a potential buyer is bound to see the listing.


Using social media is also free and you won’t need to spend a dime. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or Smartphone. Not so many homes for sale in Bakersfield, Ca. are listed on social media which means that you get an untapped market.


With social media you need to be very careful about how you present your advertisement. Try to keep it formal but fun at the same time to ensure it reaches a lot of people. It needs to be taken seriously and at the same time it needs to capture attention.



3. Try to get your house listed on the Bakersfield California MLS

Many buyers look though the local ‘multiple listing service’ (MLS) when looking for a house. The MLS is simply a list of houses from real estate agents. Once your house is on this listing, all real estate agents can access it and show it to their potential buyers.


Getting your house listed on MLS doesn’t mean that you have to hire a real estate agent. In some cases you can just pay an agent a little bit of money to have your house listed in the MLS and they won’t get any commission after the sale. There are a lot of houses in Bakersfield listed in the local MLS, and you should ensure that yours gets there too.


Yes, you will have to spend a little bit of cash to have your property listed on the Bakersfield California MLS, rut it is worth every dime. Spending a little bit of cash to sell your house fast is not such a bad deal if you think about it. If you should work with a realtor, then ensure that you get one who is working in your best interest.



4. Hang a ‘for Sale’ sign

Sometimes all you need to do is hang a ‘for sale’ sign on your lawn or just at the road intersection. Try to think outside the box with your ‘for sale’ sign. For example let’s say many houses in Bakersfield have a blue ‘for sale’ sign, then go get a pink one.


You need to ensure that you do everything possible to make your house easily noticeable. Let a random person walking by quickly know that your house is for sale. Go for a big sign if that what you think will help you catch people’s attention fast.


Try to also keep your house in neat conditions at all times. Don’t let it look like an abandoned and neglected house. Paint it and clean regularly to ensure that potential buyers can view it at a moment’s notice.



5. Sell to a reputable property buyer

There are several property buyers in Bakersfield that you could contact. Selling to property buyers is almost immediate and the process is rather simple. Understand, however, that this is usually the last option since the price will fall below the asking price.


There are several homes for sale in Bakersfield, CA. that have ended up being sold to local reputable property buyers. The good news is that there are several property buyers in Bakersfield which guarantees a fast sale


Selling to local property buyers is equally the best option for buyers who don’t want to make any repairs on their homes. Some homes might end up costing a fortune to make repairs that are not worth it. Most local property buyers will take your house in the condition it is in immediately.




Selling your home fast in Bakersfield, CA. is easy once you use the guidelines provided above. Ensure you set a minimum payout to help you avoid making huge losses during the sale. With a little dedication, that perfect buyer will come knocking at your door.