Are you a resident of Raleigh in North Carolina, and you are planning to sell your house? Once you have decided to sell your house, it is important to consider how you want to go about selling it. This article presents you with a detailed analysis of the three best ways you can sell your property in NC. These ways are selling your house yourself without involving any agent, commonly known as for sale by owner (FSBO), selling through a real estate agent (realtor), and selling through a real estate investor. We will begin our analysis by discussing selling your house FSBO.



1. How to sell a house by owner in Raleigh NC

Selling houses in Raleigh can be a difficult and complex activity. There is a lot of competition to attract buyers quickly. Selling a house without an agent means you are on your own 100%. While you will save on the charged listing commission, you will have to undergo each step of selling a real estate property without any help from an expert in this field.


This means you will receive zero support when it comes to listing, pricing, marketing, negotiations, showing, contracts, and closing, among other activities involved in selling houses in NC. Indeed, there are many houses for sale in Raleigh, NC, whose owners want to sell FSBO. But experts warn that the savings that one gets from avoiding cost involved when one hires an agent, don’t justify the numerous drawbacks that one may experience when he decides to do it alone.


If you would like to sell your house yourself, here are some tasks you will be responsible for to successfully sell your house.

 You will be in charge of pricing your home competitively so that you can attract buyers.

 Preparing your home for sale by making necessary repairs, cleaning, de-cluttering, and staging it to impress potential local NC buyers.

 Preparing a listing description blended with high-quality photos to enable you promote your house both offline and online effectively.

 Vetting interested buyers to measure their level of interest and ensuring they are financially qualified.

 You will also do negotiations for the final price, repair concessions, and contingencies involved in the purchase agreement.

 You will also be required to fill out and manage all the essential paperwork necessary for a legal estate transaction in NC.


The advantages you enjoy by selling your house in Raleigh in this way include,

• You have full control of all the aspects involved in estate transactions like pricing, marketing strategies, and negotiations.

• Little commission involved

• You will not be competing with other clients to hire a particular agent

The disadvantages involved in this process include,

• High likelihood of low pricing due to lack of experience in the field

• It involves more work and stress

• Less visibility since FSBO are not allowed to post their property on multiple listing services (MLS).



2. Selling your house through a realtor

This is one of the popular and most effective ways those who have homes for sale in NC prefer to use. It considered to be the most convenient way, especially for first-time home sellers. This is because of the fear and confusion that come with the first-time experience of selling homes in North Carolina. Thus, letting a realtor take over your house selling process becomes a preferred choice for many.


Here are some reasons why you should consider selling your house in Raleigh NC through hiring a professional real estate agent.

• You will be relieved from a loth of paperwork, and red tape since your agent will do the work for you and ensure that you sell your home in North Carolina in full compliant of the law.

• You don’t need to invest most of your time and energy in the process.

• You don’t need to do repair and upgrading of your house yourself. A professional realtor will get you some professionals like landscapers and contractors to put your house in sellable shape.

• You will not be required to do the house selling negotiations yourself.

This method of selling a house comes with some disadvantages, which include,

• It involves payment of commissions

• It involves middleman, which means you will not receive the full amount your house will be sold

• You have little control of the selling process and at the mercy of your agent’s timeline


If you have houses to sell in Raleigh NC, you need to be careful in choosing a competent and professional realtor. To avoid unnecessary inconveniences in this process, ensure you do thorough research on the competence of the agent you intend to hire. You can do this by going through the realtor’s profile, see his selling history and comments from those he has assisted in selling their property. You can also ask a friend to refer you to one.



3. Selling your house through an investor

There are many real estate investors in NC looking for people who have houses they intend to sell in Raleigh. There are both big and small real estate investment companies. But the common thing they share is that they are all looking for houses in North Carolina marked for selling. Whether it is a perfect or ugly house, they fix and repair where necessary and get it in sell-able shape.


Here are some advantages of selling your house through a real estate investor.

• It is a quick way of selling your property, as the investor is ready to take your house as soon as you are ready to sell.

• No commissions involved.

• You get immediate payments since investors pay the agreed cash right away without delay.

• It is a convenient way as you don’t need to worry about the current state of your house; the investor will do any fixing required.

• It gives you a quick deal since you don’t need to vet potential buyers.

Unfortunately, this way of selling houses has its shortcomings, which include,

• There is a high likelihood for the owner to sell their property below the market value

• There are chances that you may land on one of the numerous real estate investors scams


In regard to selling houses, there are a variety of choices available. If you have houses in North Carolina you intend to sell, it is helpful to decide first how you want to sell your house. If you don’t want to sell it yourself, find a professional and certified agent or investor.