When it comes to houses in Memphis, the market is still really positive. Many people want houses in Tennessee. If you are buying and selling houses, you probably already know a bit about supply and demand. In the following article, we will explore why staging your home is so vital when it comes to homes in Tennessee. We will take a deep dive into how to stage your home to sell on the current market.



Why Memphis?

The first step of staging is to understand the culture of the place you are selling in. If you have been living in Memphis, you probably know a bit about it. Others are drawn to Memphis from other states and around the world for different reasons. Memphis is located along the scenic Mississippi River. Properties that are along the river and by it draw the crowd that loves fishing and rafting. As of 2018, the population of Memphis is 650,618. This makes it the second-largest city in Tennessee. The main crops for Tennessee are cotton and lumber. FedEx is the largest employer in the city, so folks coming to settle might want a heads up that they can look for part or full-time work there. The music scene is dominated by the blues but also has large hip-hop and rock influences. People here also like their barbecue festivals. Elvis and Johnny Cash grew up in Memphis.



Ways to Stage a Home

Now that you know a little bit about the culture, you can stage your home accordingly with your Tenn cash. You might want to include a den in the staging with rock legends from the area on the wall. You can focus on the blues heritage too in your pamphlets emphasizing Beale Street as a local attraction. If you have a real estate agent, make sure that you get her/him to put a write up of the attraction and culture of the city as well as the local drawing points. You should always include a pamphlet with pictures when selling the home. It can make the home look larger than it is. It can also give people something tangible to take home while they think about it. If you don’t have a pamphlet, then you will not have people remembering the space. You may as well have written off your property as one of the contenders. Additionally, you will need to do the home staging to show them what the space could look like. Some people hate seeing empty spaces and it turns them off of houses in Tennessee. With a little home staging, you can change this around. This is why condos always have a unit that is staged when it comes to swankier units. They know the power of home staging.



Virtual or Physical?

When it comes to your home staging nowadays, you have options. You might not want to purchase actual furniture to put in the room. You might find that your taste differs from the clientele. It might financially not be an option to put your Tenn cash into the creation of the space. This is why you can always ask your real estate agent if they will do virtual home staging. Virtual home staging means that you don’t have to put furniture or decor in the physical space. You can simply use a program to decorate it virtually. The miracles of modern technology never cease. When it comes to virtual home staging, you can use these virtual pictures in your pamphlet. You may not be able though to take them through a program when they get there. If you have a real estate agent, you can ask to include a visual tour. All in all, you are trying to create the illusion of a space that can be lived in. People want to know the potential of the property right away. They don’t simply want to rely on their imaginations. At the end of the day, they are tired and have seen many homes in a day. Leave them with a lasting impression with this virtual tour and pamphlet to bring home.



Physical Staging

Physical staging is still the most popular way to present a property. It will take manpower, but often people will opt to purchase some of the furniture. If not, the stager just brings the furniture all back to a storage facility for the next property. You can ask your stager to put in some local flair as well. Some cultural memorabilia will be appreciated and create a sense of connection to the city. Any items that start to form those emotional ties are important parts of the staging process. You might want to go for a modern feel though as most people will say that this is their preference. They want to feel like they are living in the future, not the past. A little bit of history is great and charming, but having modern furniture will help them to feel like they are living the American Dream. Wherever people go, the drive is usually for the latest and greatest of it all. You want to keep up with the Joneses and not live in a time capsule.




Houses in Tennessee are a prime market right now. You will find that couples and families like the fact that they can live in the 42 largest metropolia in the United States. You should play up the city living aspect with all the modern amenities. People move to the city to get ahead, not to fall behind. You will really want to play up the advantages that you have in your area. If it is close to a school, include this information. People also want to know that emergency services are nearby. All in all, in Memphis you can have a little taste of history with a lot of culture. Martin Luther King gave his speeches here so the virtues of the past residents are always something to remind people of. They want to be inspired by the people who once walked the streets.