With beautiful beaches, a lucrative tech boom and year-round pleasant weather,  California has a reputation as one of the most expensive states to live in the U.S. You may be surprised to hear that there are still some affordable places to set up home – you just have to know the right place to look!


Here are some of the most affordable places to live in California, based on the average home price and the median family income.




Ventura is a California coastal town which frequently tops lists as one of America’s most desirable places to live.  It’s perfect climate, and gorgeous coastline are just a couple of the reasons why people love to call Ventura home. With an average median income of $82,857 and a median property price of $592,500, it’s a fairly affordable place to live for most two-income families.




Vacaville is a city located in Northern California. Approximately 35 miles from Sacramento and an hour from San Francisco, Vacaville is perfect for families looking for a peaceful community in which to raise a family. With a median home value of $275,100, Vacaville really is one of the most affordable places to live in California. If you’re the outdoorsy type who loves to hike, you definitely want to take a trip up to the hills in Lagoon Valley and soak in the views.




Known for its oil and natural gas industry, and named after president William H. Taft, the city of Taft is located in the foothills of Kern County. Due to its desert climate, Taft experiences long, hot, dry summers, and short, cooler winters. With a median income of $52,000, Taft is one of the most affordable cities to live in California in terms of home price to income ratio.




With a median home value of  $169,500, Ridgecrest could be the perfect location to live an affordable life in California. Situated between the Cosos on the north, the Argus Range on the east, the Sierra Nevada on the west, and the El Paso Mountains on the south, Ridgecrest was once predominantly a farming community. Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake is the biggest employer in the city, employing around 8,000 people. If you don’t mind the windy climate and long, hot days, Ridgecrest may be the place for you!




Known as the ‘Carrot Capital of the World(!)’ Holtville is located on the US/Mexico border. With a strong agricultural industry and a pleasantly sunny climate, it’s not hard to see why this small town is one of the most affordable places to live in California. A median home price of only $150,000, and an average household income of approximately $43,000, Holtville is extremely easy going on most peoples bank balance.


Whether you want to live a quiet life in a small community, or long to be in the bustling metropolitan area of a major city, there is a dream home for you in California, you just have to find it!