It’s been an exciting year for real estate in 2018 with homes sales skyrocketing. It’s also been an exciting year thanks to some of the most expensive homes going on to the market. These homes encapture class, elegance, and royalty. Of course, not everyone can afford these homes but it doesn’t hurt to look and see what people are willing to spend when it comes to their luxury home. 


610 Los Trancos Road, Palo Alto – $96.8m 


I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to many that our journey starts in California. the 20-room main home of the estate has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a one-bedroom detached guest house. This home also features an indoor top of the line bowling alley.

The home has four floors that each tout huge rooms where family, friends, and business partners can gather for a comfortable get together. Just imagine having a house that has a room called “Pizza Room”, now that’s luxury. 


19 Great Island Road, Connecticut – $120m 


What can 20 more million get you? Well, an entire island. This lovely home is seated in the middle of its own island on the expensive Connecticut shoreline where some of the most expensive homes already are. The property dates back to 1905 but of course, has had many updates and renovations. Oh and the house just dropped it’s price by 50 million if you’re interested, now that’s a steal, right? 


The Manor, Los Angeles – $175m 


Back to California with a property that earns the title “The Manor”. Constructed in 1988 by Hollywood power couple Aaron and Candy Spelling, it sits larger than the White House. The house was recently renovated and it holds anything you could ever want. It was recently sold to celebrity, petra ecclestone.

There are seven bedroom suites, seven staff room, grand living room, movie room, bar, family room, library, office, service wing, billiards room, games room, two-lane bowling alley, wine cellar, catering kitchen, gym and a fully equipped beauty salon including masseuse and tanning rooms. You’ll never have to leave home. 


The Beverly House Compound, Beverly House – $195m 


This gigantic home has a two-story library and 19 bedrooms. It can fit your family’s, family, family. It was also featured in iconic movies such as The Godfather and The Bodyguard, which makes the price go up. The home has two swimming pools and a tennis court that are sure to impress all your friends. 


The One, Bel Air – $500m 


There are many more gigantic homes leading up to this one but let’s just go ahead and tackle the one everyone is talking about, “The One”. Half a billion dollars is no joke, you’d have to be a prince in Bel Air to own this home. The house sits in the LA hills with panoramic views of the ocean on one side and of the city of LA on the other.

Being twice the size of the white house, this home sits in the category of a giga-mansion. The house has floor-to-ceiling aquariums full of jellyfish, a moat that surrounds the 20-bedroom property, four pools to choose from, and even its own nightclub. Want to go out bowling? No need because there’s a four-lane alley.