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The Perfect Home Maintenance Checklist

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Owning a home consists of a lot more than simply decorating it and paying your mortgage. One of the quickest ways for your home to fall into disrepair — and reduce in value — is not maintaining it correctly. Your home requires regular servicing to keep it running in top condition. This includes weatherproofing and repairs, among other things.


In this article, we’ve compiled the ultimate home maintenance checklist so that you can keep your home running at peak performance.



Safety First

Fire alarms are one of the most crucial safety features of your home, and it’s imperative that you have functioning units installed. A fire alarm could save your life, so be sure to maintain it regularly by changing their batteries every six months, as well as practicing tests.


Lots of local fire stations offer a complimentary service where they come to your home and check the functionality of your fire alarms to ensure they’re working. Take advantage of this service if its offered in your area.



Prepare for the unexpected.

Kitchen fires can happen out of nowhere and with very little warning. Within a few minutes, they can turn into an uncontrollable fire that engulfs the home. It’s for these reasons that it’s crucial to have a fire extinguisher in the house, ready for use in such emergencies. Fire extinguishers can be used for a range of different fires, including electrical.



Maintain your HVAC

The life of your HVAC machine depends heavily on how well you maintain it. Regular services by a qualified HVAC serviceman are crucial to ensure that your unit runs smoothly for the longest time possible. You should also change your HVAC filters regularly, as they help to trap dirt and dust that can build up in your unit, as well as maintaining a clean drain pipe to ensure no mold can grow in your unit.



Don’t forget your gutters.

Gutters accumulate leaves, grime, and sediment from heavy rain and the winter season, so it’s crucial that your clean your gutters out regularly to reduce any backlog of water. You should also check them for any loose connections or damages to the spouts, as this can cause water to accumulate around your house instead of moving away from it.



Cut Back Trees and Foliage

Unmanaged trees and foliage can cause damage to your home’s structure and present safety risks during high winds. This is especially important if you have decorated vines in the exterior of your home, as they can compromise the integrity of your brickwork and siding by growing into crevices and cracks.



Repair any leaks

Small leaks can turn into expensive problems if ignored, so be sure to tighten up any loose faucets and check your toilets for leaks. Poor water pressure can indicate a problem with the aerator, so clean that also if necessary.



Install Carbon Monoxide alarms

If you have any gas fixtures in your home, it is crucial also to have Carbon Monoxide detectors in your home. Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas that is odorless and invisible to the eye, and therefore very dangerous. A carbon monoxide detector will help ensure that your family is alerted if any gas is present, so that you can evacuate your home safely.   

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