Crime rates are critical pointers of the safety of a neighborhood. Similarly, frequent police presence, vacant storefronts, deserted homes, and food abandons can be signs of an unsafe community. With a total population of 39.94 million, a state as diverse and as large as California is sure to have a high variation in crime rates, among other things. To make your search for the safest neighborhood easier, here are cities ranked safest in California, based on the latest FBI data. Houses for sale in California are all different, but many of the best cities in the state are also located in some of the safest neighborhoods.


Starting with some of the largest cities:



Bakersfield lies to the north of Los Angeles, with a resident population of 383,579. The county seat of Kern County has plenty of cultural activities, a violent crime rate of 4 per 1000, and a property crime rate of 41 per 1000.

Although each neighborhood is different, smaller communities have obvious benefits, including less crime, tranquility as well as lower cost of living. Thus, if you are searching for exquisite yet affordable homes for sale in Bakersfield in order to buy, there are plenty of safe neighborhoods to live.



Are you scouting for houses for sale in Sacramento? This gourmet paradise happens to the capital city of California, and it boasts of a population of 508, 529 people. Apart from having the best weather as well as many amenities, houses in Sacramento have valuable real estate, with the city’s suburbs generally having high income low violent crime rates of 6 per 1000, and property crime rates of 30 per 1000.



The city of Oakland found on the east side of San Francisco Bay is an affordable alternative and offers inhabitants first-class services, shopping, and restaurants.

The city with a population of 429,082 is a hub for families, students, as well as young professionals. With a relatively lower cost of living, you can easily find reasonably priced homes for sale in Oakland. The neighborhoods are relatively safe, with violent crime rates of 12 per 1000 and property crime rates of 53 per 1000. Oakland is a growing city that has improved greatly over the years. Houses for sale in California here are more and more affordable and in safer areas.



The sun baked town with a wide array of bird species deep in the Colorado desert is among the safest places to live in California.

The community of about 18,000 people has low crime rates of 0.5 per 1000 violent crime and 43 per 1000 property crime. The area has a lot of parks as well as a variety of activities for families and young professionals.



The wealthy community in the wider San Francisco Bay Area is entirely residential and registers the lowest crime rates in California.

With a violent crime rate of 0.78 per 1000 and a property crime rate of 7.77 per 1000, Hillsborough tops the charts on the safety catalog. The suburb has a population of roughly 11,440 people and is obviously one of the best neighborhoods in San Francisco.


Palos Verdes Estates

This affluent city located in Los Angeles recorded an outstanding 0.44 per 1000 violent crime rate, and a 7.67 property crime rate, beating the average crime rate of the state of California by 71%. The city, which is one of the wealthiest communities in the country, offers its 13,500 residents a killer view of the Pacific Ocean, making it the most beautiful neighborhood on earth to live in.



The beautiful town in Nevada County is located in the northern part of California. The community of 16,200 people excels at producing first-rate skiers and snowboarders.


Chances of you becoming a crime victim is 1 in 95, with a violent crime rate standing at 1 per 1000 and property crime rate at 8.6 per 1000. With numerous coffee shops, several restaurants, and many parks, there is something for everyone in this little safe haven.


Sierra Madre

At the base of the San Gabriel Valley, lies the Sierra Madre, once known as the ‘All-America City.’ The neighborhoods within this city are among the safest with 0.63 per 1000 violent crime rate, and 8.6 per 1000 property crime rate. The suburb has a population of approximately 11,000 inhabitants and is one of the choicest places to live in California.



The city of about 20,000 people situated east of the town of Berkeley is a hub to many wealthy professionals and families.

The second most friendly town in America records 0.44 per 1000 in the violent crime rate, and 5.5 per 1000 in property crime rate. You can be sure of safety in these California houses as you enjoy the rustic scenery, parks, and trails.



Located in San Ramon Valley, the town of Danville, California has consistently been named the safest city in California. The town has a population of roughly 45,200 people and an astoundingly low crime rate. The town logged a remarkable 0.35 per 1000 violent crime rate and 7.2 per 1000 property crime rate. Life in Danville is vibrant with eateries, beautiful parks, and coffee shops. With such a low crime rate and with such great amenities, anyone browsing houses for sale in California will definitely want to check out Danville.


Laguna Woods

The suburb of Irvine has a population of around 16,300 people and is among the safest neighborhoods in California. The town by the beach records moderately low crime rates of 0.6 per 1000 violent crime rate and 6.66 per 1000 property crime rate. If you are looking to relocate to an active adult community with great houses in California you will like to call Laguna Woods home.



Moving to Moraga? The suburban incorporated community with 17,866 people offers tranquil living with convenient access to beautiful parks and trails. Moreover, chances of you becoming a victim of any type of crime in Moraga is 1 in 140. The town registers comparatively low crime rates of 0.67 per 1000 violent crime, and 5.26 per 1000 property crime.



The city of a wealthy populace called after Marquis de Lafayette, the popular French war hero of the American War, is located in Contra Costa County.

This affluent town of a whopping 26,827 residents records 0.37 per 1000 violent crime rate and 8.6 per 1000 property crime rate, making it one the safest neighborhoods in the eastern side of the larger San Francisco Bay Area. You will enjoy plenty of hiking opportunities, shopping, and fine dining in Lafayette, living in the hills between Walnut Creek and Berkeley.


If safety is among your top priorities, the Golden State has plenty of options for you and your family. Homes for sale in Bakersfield, homes for sale in Oakland or San Francisco are all positioned nicely in safe neighborhoods. If you’re moving and are looking for houses for sale in California, be sure to look into neighborhoods in these locations for the safest places to live.