The state of Nevada is situated in the western parts of the US, with the capital in Carson City, commonly known as the Silver City. The state borders California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and Oregon. Most of the friendly neighborhoods are part of the Last Vegas Metropolitan. The state of Nevada is commonly associated with gambling and lenient marriage laws. However, the neighborhoods have a lot to offer. Houses in Nevada offer lots of space and luxury for young professionals and new families. The list below includes the safes neighborhoods in Nevada.


Boulder City

Boulder City, located in Clark County, is one of the safest crime rates in Nevada and its environs. Gambling is prohibited in Boulder City, making it ideal for new families and retirees. Residents of the city are applauded for embracing a strong work ethic and the creation of strong community bonds. The secluded neighborhood has the perfect feeling of a small town. You can enjoy lots of outdoor activities, including mine tours and kayaking. The city is only 25 miles away from Las Vegas, where you can find more city life. Movement is simple as there is low traffic on the roads.


Spanish Springs

Spanish Springs is one of the best places to raise a family within the state of Nevada. The area is home to schools that perform well in the national statistics accounting for the high number of educated residents. Your children have access to school from one of the thirty-two public schools in Spanish Springs. Homes in Spanish Springs are available at affordable prices relative to many other houses in Nevada while rental apartments are also available at affordable monthly rents. The neighborhood is diverse, containing people of different cultural backgrounds. The area reports low crime rates and standards of living are favorable and friendly for all economic brackets.



Mesquite city in Clark County, NV, US, is also an area that you should consider moving into. The neighborhood is eighty miles northeast of Las Vegas and close to the Arizona state line. Mesquite is ideal for the people that have attained the retirement age. The city houses several golf courses and casino resorts that are well-equipped to entertain you. Mesquite also has several apartments available at affordable rents. Residents also enjoy low traffic congestion on the streets and roads. The neighborhood is gaining more popularity as the area has low costs of living.



The city of Henderson is another part of Clark County, NV, that is suitable for raising a family. It is located approximately sixteen miles southeast of Las Vegas and comes second in size among the cities of Nevada. As of 2016, Henderson had a population of 292,969. You can join the massive Las Vegas Metropolitan extending across the Las Vegas Valley. The neighborhood is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas but allows you access to ample dining and shopping stops. The city is safe for new families as it reports meager crime rates. Houses in Nevada neighborhoods like this are perfect for raising families. Kids in Henderson also get the chance to visit good schools at different levels. If safety is a top priority, look at houses for sale in Henderson Nevada.



The city is of significant value to Nevada as the cultural and economic center of northeast Nevada. Property and violent crimes are quite low in the Elko than you would expect. The neighborhood has a high household median income making it favorable for different economic brackets. The city is suitable for raising a family as it has a high percentage of families in residence. The city allows you to enjoy four seasons around the year. The Fall delivers a unique view of the Ruby Mountains that offers all the colors of Fall. If you need to change the scenery, you can take a drive to Reno, Nevada or Salt Lake, Utah.



The city of sparks is also favorable for a family looking to make a fresh start. Residential homes are available at affordable prices for new families and the retired. The city is found in Washoe County, NV, United States located east of Reno. Sparks, named after Governor John Sparks of the Silver Party, was founded in 1904 but incorporated in 1905. Sparks has quality housing and social amenities such as parks, restaurants, libraries, and golf clubs are available. Living in the city and its environs allows you to enjoy sunny weather almost all year round.



The City of Reno, AKA, ‘The Biggest Little City in the World’ is one of the best places to live in the northern parts of Nevada. Homes in Reno Nevada are available close to the Yosemite National Park. If you purchase one of the available houses in Reno Nevada, you can enjoy your weekends participating in outdoor activities like skiing, fishing, hiking, and visiting the park. The city is home to more than seventy-six public schools. The area has low crime and unemployment rates.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas is considered a playground for adults. Raising a family in the city can be quite a challenge, but quite a unique experience. Inhabitants of the location are of diverse cultural backgrounds taking advantage of the available amenities. The area is large and highly populated, but crime rates are considerably lower, owing to the number of reported cases. Restaurants, parks, coffee shops, libraries, and grocery stores are readily available to the vast population. It would be best if you make informed choices before choosing to settle in Las Vegas. Some of the schools do not perform well. You need to select schools for your children wisely. Despite being known as a place to go and lose money, houses in Las Vegas Nevada are very affordable.


Summerlin South

The location is mainly comprised of whites. Asians and African Americans follow closely consecutively. The rea is ideal for raising a family as there are residences are available at friendly prices. Crime rates are on the low in the area, while quality education is also available in the nearby locations. Summerlin South has about one hundred and fifty parks that provide options for recreation over the weekends. You can help reduce environmental pollution in Summerlin South by utilizing the bicycle lanes to and from work.


The list above highlights the safest neighborhoods to buy houses in Nevada. While making a move, you need to consider the size of your family and ambitions. The neighborhoods of Nevada give you an opportunity of interacting with people of different backgrounds and beliefs. Most importantly, you should ensure that security is the area that you chose to move into.