It’s not the lush musical roots nor Thornton’s spicy chicken that make Tennessee a famous city anymore. Think about it. Ever wondered why Justin Timberlake bought a house in Franklin? Franklin is home to some of the best and most affordable homes in Tennessee. This Volunteer State has attracted thousands of new settlers in the recent past, and it is for a good reason. It crams with captivating scenery, deeply-etched culture, and low costs of living, just the perfect resume to relocate here.

Let’s explore the best communities in Tennessee:




The top of this list for neighborhoods with great houses for sale in Tennessee is Franklin. It is perched-up in the county of Williamson- home to over 68,000 residents.

Franklin offers a reasonable living package: a medium-slate home valued at around $341,500 and regular household incomes of about $85,671.

The town is renowned for a variety of international schools and plenty of community opportunities. If it’s not people with diverse cultural backgrounds that make it a top choice, it must be the rich American history shared through ample historic sites.

With close to 250 eateries that are suitably located, you won’t find a neighborhood as fully-fledged in the whole of Tennessee as Franklin.




Talk of a well-tended address in Tennessee, and you won’t get a better answer than Brentwood. In 2017, ranked it first in regards to the most viable homes in Tennessee. Located at the heart of Williamson County, Brentwood is a suburb that plays host to some of the biggest multinationals, with the likes of EMI Christian Music Group and LMBC making up an endless list.

Ideal for athletes, Brentwood is endowed with idyllic terrain and rolling hills. It doesn’t lag in terms of infrastructure either. Just in 2017, U.S News & World Report ranked Brentwood High School as the fifth-best in the entire nation, with a majority of the schools in the town attaining an almost-perfect 96% graduation turnover.

It also boasts of plenty of open space, with more than 13 local parks and the mega Smith park, which covers over 400 acres. Simply put, it promises a lot for outdoor activities such as cycling, strolling, skating, and running.

Home prices are a little high. You’d have to part with at least $506,000 to own a home in Brentwood. However, many argue that houses in Memphis that sit in this town are great value for your bucks. Its proximity to Nashville International Airport is one such incentive.




If you are looking to relocate to Tennessee, Germantown should be your first go-to option. The cost of living here is favorably low ($28,000), and the income threshold is the highest in the entire Memphis area ($288,500).

The population in this town is a little short of 40,000, with schools in the area rated as the best in the district. There are also a couple of entertainment joints to enjoy the perfect dinner date.




Epitomizing top-notch homes in Tennessee, Collierville is an affluent neighborhood. It sits a little over 30 miles downtown with a population of not more than 48,000.

Residents here are well-moneyed with an average salary estimated at a bewildering $110,000. Take the cost of living into account, and you’d be smiling to the bank.

Homes are moderately affordable, with a three-bedroom mansion roosting in Tennessee’s wealthy neighborhoods costing just over $272,000.


Oak Ridge


This delightful town sits 25 miles off Knoxville, east side of Tennessee. Oak Ridge is a typical civil city and boasts a population of about 29,000.

If you are looking for a crime-free vicinity in Memphis, then Oak Ridge is ideal. The government’s presence is pretty conspicuous, with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Y-12 National Security Complex located here. Buying and selling homes here is a profitable venture; you’d have to fork out at least $149,000, which attests to why people are flocking to this small town on a daily.




A tiny suburb in Nashville, Nolensville, is home to about 6,400 people. This close-knit community has some of the best homes in Tennessee and makes it an ideal place for rearing children. You’d have to part with not less than $316,000 to own a home here since it rests between the largest subway areas in Memphis; Nashville, Tennessee, and Murfreesboro.

The local economy is vibrant, which sees employees take home an average of $108,000 per household. Schools are excellent and tailored to meet a variety of educational needs. In you want houses in Nashville or just near it, you can’t go wrong with Nolensville.


Mount Juliet


This Nashville neighborhood nestles 20 miles east of Tennessee. With just 28,400 residents, Mount Juliet boasts of a business-friendly atmosphere. The homes are affordable at an average of $210,000, slightly above the average home value for houses for sale in Tennessee. The average and the cost of living averages $76,000.




If your idea of eccentric houses in Memphis is a locality with booming businesses, then Murfreesboro will certainly gladden your heart. It is perched in Rutherford Country and plays home to over 118,000 individuals.

Don’t let the population stats fool you. Contrary to popular belief, this town chocks with a buck-load of greenways, parks, nightlife, and an array of historical sites such as the Stone River National Battlefield and Civil War Battlefield.

The cost of living is an enticing perk, with rent going for $870 and home prices averaging $181,500. There are a couple of condos and single-family homes worth your every penny.




The school system here is excellent and is right up there with the best in Williamson County. If schooling is your number one relocation factor, you can enroll your kid at Hendersonville High School- where top slate pop musicians like Taylor Swift got an education.

This Nashville suburb nestles at the shores of Old Hickory Lake, and you know what that means: ample water activity that you can indulge in, be it fishing, swimming or canoeing.

Additionally, you’ll find gigantic parks, a host of historical landmarks, and a string of recreation activities to spice up your weekends.


Spring Hill


Located in Maury Country, Spring Hill has transformed from a little known neighborhood to an economic hub exploding with jobs and harboring the best houses in Tennessee.

Accounting for 33,000 of Memphis residents, this town’s population is growing exponentially. People settling here in such staggering numbers is no coincidence; the presence of industry movers like General Motors, Apex Turbine Technologies, and Kroger have contributed to such growth.

People living here take home a lofty salary of about $78,558 per household. Excellent schools and a plethora of social amenities make this ideal suburban backyard for job-hunting individuals and medium-sized families. There’s no doubt that Spring Hill has some of the best homes for sale in Tennessee.


Wrapping Up


Pitching an eternal tent in Tennessee can be a hassle, especially if you’re new to the area. Buying and selling homes is a lucrative activity in this part of the state of Memphis, and it is easy to see why. Quality schools, lush environments, and surfeit job opportunities are likely to draw you to this part of the country. Read through the article and pick a location that suits your needs.