Home staging is a critical part of the home selling process. It’s important to do it correctly in order to generate interest in your property.


However, home staging isn’t as easy as you might think. It’s not quite as simple as making sure your house is clean and presentable. There are a number of additional things you should be sure to do and not do.


By avoiding these five common home staging mistakes, you can help make sure that potential buyers have a great experience.


1. Bold Colors

Experimenting with bold colors on your wall and furniture can be fun, but it’s not the best idea when you’re trying to sell your home.


The reasoning is pretty simple: buyers want to be able to imagine your home as their own. If your living room walls are bright orange, it can be very off-putting for buyers that prefer neutral or dark colors.


When you’re staging your home, it’s best to stick to inoffensive colors like grey, beige, earth tones, and similar colors.



2. Personal Items

Personal items, like family photos, should be cleared out when you are staging your home.


These items can be very distracting as they remind buyers that the house they’re touring belongs to somebody else. This can make them feel uncomfortable as they may feel like they are intruding in someone else’s home.


In order to make sure guests feel comfortable when viewing your home, be sure to put away any and all personal family items.



3. Clutter

One of the most important aspects of home staging is decluttering. This applies to everything from furniture to small, insignificant items.


You should be sure to get rid of unnecessary furniture that takes up a lot of room in your home. Additionally, put away things like pictures, toys, small appliances, and other similar items.


Clutter not only makes your home seem messy and unpresentable, but it can also make the rooms in your house seem smaller than they actually are.



4. Pets

Potential buyers may not love your pets as much as you do. While your cats or dogs may not be dangerous or messy, an essential part of home staging is making sure your pets are out of sight and out of mind.


The solution is simple enough. You can put your pet into daycare, ask a friend to take care of it, or create a room specifically for your pets.


If you want to make sure your guests have a great experience during your showing, be sure to make a plan for your pets.



5. Over-Staging

Last but not least, be careful to avoid over-staging your home. Meaning, don’t go overboard on decorations, furniture, accessories, etc.


It’s important to design your home tastefully while still leaving room for imagination. Too much can make your home feel small and cluttered. It can also make it so viewers can’t imagine your home being decorated any other way.


Tasteful but minimal decorating is one of the most fundamental aspects of home staging.


By avoiding these common home staging mistakes, you can easily increase your chances of finding a suitable buyer.