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The Top 5 Places To Live In Arizona

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When people are asked what their top places would be to live in the United States, Arizona isn’t typically on the lists. Much of this has to do with the climate. However, if the heat doesn’t bother you, then you’re in luck, as there is plenty to love about the Grand Canyon State.

From beautiful sunsets to acres of gorgeous deserts, it’s a dream state for outdoors enthusiasts, which is likely why it is the state with one of the largest collections of resorts.

Beyond the natural landscapes, there are many other advantages that Arizona holds, including employment opportunities, education, and affordability.

Let’s look at the top 5 cities in Arizona.




With a low crime rate, excellent public schools, great home value, and affordable healthcare options, Gilbert is one of the top places to live in the great state of Arizona. Gilbert is only a short drive from Phoenix and provides locals with plenty of excitement, including the Arts bazaar, golf courses, fresh produce from nearby farms, and wineries.




Scottsdale feels like one of the most “complete” places in Arizona. While it still retains its Arizona roots, it has become a completely modern city. DataFox ranked it as the eighth-best city to launch a startup back in 2015.

In Scottsdale, you’ll find a myriad of quality golf courses and AAA four-diamond hotels. It is a wonderful place to raise a family, though is also an excellent city for retirees.




With a population of around 250,000 Chandler mixes the cosmopolitan vibe with a family-friendly atmosphere. Locals enjoy the bustling downtown area and the award-winning school district.

There is plenty of affordable housing and large plots of land to spread out. With distinguished clinical excellence, a list of incredible restaurants, and some of the best security in the state, it is pretty easy to see why Chandler consistently makes the top cities list so often.



Tempe is a city on the rise. You can see it when you drive through. The town of about 170,000 is bustling with new construction projects. Tech companies are moving here to expand operations, helping to boost the local economy. Even Google named Tempe its Arizona eCity back in 2014.

Tempe is a city brimming with young professionals and college students. There are plenty of amenities to keep people entertained on the weekends, including fitness centers, dining, kayaking, and more.




Mesa is the first true metropolis on this list with more than 460,000 residents. For those seeking out a big city experience, it’s a wonderful place to live. Of course, it’s not as large as Phoenix, though it is a great start for those moving to a city for the first time.

There are plenty of options for homebuyers in Mesa, whether you are looking for a modern townhouse or a single-family home. The attractions spread throughout Mesa are wildly diverse as well, including golf courses, horseback riding, museums, and more.

With diversity, excellent public schools, and thriving nightlife, it is an excellent place for just about anyone.

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