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The Top 5 Qualities Of A Good Neighbor

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One of the few things you need to be conscious of when getting a real estate property is your neighbor. They can make your experience your new home worthwhile or challenging. As a result, you need to always hope for the best neighbor that would not only help you socialize better but would also improve your cost of living. No matter what, here are five qualities of a good neighbor.



Good Neighbors are Noise Conscious

Will you want someone to disturb you with noise when you are reading or sleeping? No! You won’t. To any of the activities mentioned above, you would probably find a quiet place.


As a good neighbor, you need to be noise-conscious because your noise could disrupt the activities of people around you.


If you are planning of hosting a loud party, it is advisable for you to contact your neighbors and keep them informed before doing so. You should also avoid playing music at very high volume during the night or mowing your law in the early hours of the day like 5am.



Good Neighbors are Friendly

One thing that differentiates a good neighbor from a bad one is the friendliness. Well, you might not care about making friends with them. But the fact that your neighbors smile at you while driving will give you a form of security in the compound.


Well, won’t you feel insecure or awkward if all the neighbors give a grumpy face at you when you first enter the community? However, the fact that a neighbor is grumpy doesn’t mean you should give up on him. Smile at him and say hello. You do not know may this gesture would create some sort of relationship with you.



The Top 5 Qualities Of A Good Neighbor


Cleanliness Determines your Health

Not everyone likes a messy compound or neighbors. They believe that the neatness of a compound has a lot to do with other compounds in the neighborhood.  I am sure you won’t want to be considered a bad neighbor because of your messy house. Well, this is also true based on the general standard of living, which requires hygiene and tidiness.


Some of these activities include lawn mowing, clutters removal, regular trimming of the trees, neat environment, among others. Overall, a good neighbor must ensure that all is always free from wastes from the kitchen or other sources.



Trust is an Important Quality

Neighbors often have some knowledge about what goes on in a particular house. This is because they can hear voices and see who comes and goes out of the house. Basically, they can gossip about what they hear, they would never leak out family secrets to third parties.


A good neighbor is expected to be a person who will not compromise your security for his personal gain. In fact, they are always ready to help in time of problems or issues.



Respect for the Building and People

Respect is one of the hallmarks of a good neighbor. A good neighbor will never leave junks or garbage at the hallways, parking lot or common areas in the neighborhood. The neighbor will also never accumulate junks to the extent that it will disrespect the people around. In addition to this, a good neighbor will handle every situation maturely in case there is a dispute or brawl in the locality.


While you need a good neighbor, you also are not expected to act in such a way that you will fall short of your expected qualities. Always work hard to ensure that you connect with your neighbors and relate

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