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The Top 5 Trends For Smart Homes In 2019

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With the rise of artificial intelligence and automation, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more and more smart homes. What is a smart home? It’s a home that utilizes the latest technology that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.


The good news is you don’t even need a huge budget to transform your home into a smart home. From home security to lighting, there are endless options for optimizing your home for 2019 and beyond. Better yet, these smart improvements go a long way towards improving your home value and appealing to buyers. No matter your goals, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the top 5 trends for smart homes in 2019.



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1. Smart Security

The first trend that’s making a big splash is smart security. Most of these security trends are powered by the rising Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT refers to the inter-connectivity of devices. In the world of home security, this means your security console will likely be connected to the internet, your smartphone, and potentially other devices in your home.


In years past, security systems were connected to the phone line. This was often unreliable since the phone line could easily be cut by criminals, leaving your property unprotected. Today, video security systems like Ring and all-in-one solutions like SimpliSafe are transforming the security world without the huge price tag.



2. Smart Speakers

Another easy addition to any smart home is adding a smart speaker. You’ve likely seen these everywhere, from the Amazon Alexa to the Google Home Assistant. Smart speakers work with other devices in your home to make things simpler. They can do a surprising number of tasks such as:


  • Turn on smart lights
  • Adjust smart thermostats
  • Play music from online streaming services
  • Set alarms and timers
  • Interact with you


They’re basically the home assistant you never knew you needed! You can easily install a smart speaker in your home with just a few minutes of prep, and you can also pair them with your other smart tools.



3. Smart Lighting

Smart lights aren’t just handy, they’re sustainable. Using inefficient lighting can quickly increase your electric bill, so investing in smart lighting will quickly pay off in big savings.


Better yet, smart lights are inexpensive and easy to use. Many of them pair with smart assistants and speakers as well as your smartphone. That means you can control your lighting with your device or your voice. Instead of pressing switches, you can just click a button on your phone. This means you can control your lighting even when you’re not at home as well as monitor energy usage! The most common model of 2019 is the Philips Hue smart bulb.



4. Smart Refrigerators

How smart is your kitchen? With people spending so much time in this room, it’s no wonder it’s finally gotten an upgrade. Smart kitchens are now possible thanks to the rise of smart refrigerators. Now, your refrigerator does so much more than just keep your groceries cool. It can also:


  • Set meal schedules
  • Read recipes while you cook
  • Sync your grocery list to your device
  • Let you know what’s inside without opening it
  • Alert you about expiring food


Imagine a world where your kitchen works smarter not harder. That world is now thanks to smart refrigerators like these by Samsung.



5. Smart Bedrooms

Finally, what’s the use of all of these trends without a good night’s sleep? Thought of as the foundation for a healthy life, getting better sleep might seem impossible amidst all of today’s distractions.


One new smart home trend is changing this for good. Eight Sleep is a smart mattress that monitors yoru sleep, controls the temperature of your bed, and even helps wake you up gently. A better night’s sleep has never been easier.



How Smart Is Your Home?

Is your home on the smart trend or is it lagging behind? Homebuyers are looking for these trends above, and they also make life a bit easier. Who doesn’t want a home that works better for their lifestyle?


These trends are leading the way into the future, one room at a time. From easy-to-add smart speakers to investing in a high-tech refrigerator, the possibilities are endless. What will you discover next in your smart home?

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