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The Truths and Myths of Renting a Vacation Home

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If you are thinking about renting a vacation home, you are challenged with separating fact from fiction.  Peruse the web and you will find all sorts of information about renting vacation homes.  Some of this information is accurate yet there are countless myths pertaining to this subject matter.  There are even some bald-faced lies.  Let’s distinguish truth from fiction. 



Myth: There is Minimal Support for Vacation Home Renters

This is one of the more pervasive myths about renting homes.  There is a general assumption those who rent vacation homes  are on their own with little-to-no support for the duration of their stay.  Keep in mind those who rent out homes are business owners.  If any issues arise, you have every right to reach out to the property owner for timely assistance.  In fact, most property owners are quick to respond to tenant inquiries as they are concerned about retaining high-quality renters and maintaining a solid reputation.  Be sure to pick the host’s brain about the best local places to shop, eat and have fun so you make the most of the experience.



Fact: You can Bring Pets Along

Nowadays, some apartment landlord refuse to rent apartments to tenants with pets as they are worried about noise pollution between thin floors and walls.  Rent a home and you are less likely to run into this problem.  In fact, it is easier to find a vacation home rental that allows pets than it is to find a welcoming hotel or traditional apartment.  Add in the fact that renting a home will make your furry friend feel that much more relaxed and it makes sense to rent spacious digs.  Ideally, the rental home you select will have an outdoor space for your furry friend to enjoy the fresh air, relieve him or herself and get some exercise.



Myth: Vacation Homes are not Properly Maintained

Too many people believe a vacation home available for rent is inherently flawed.  In reality, plenty of vacation home owners have several properties, many of which are rented throughout the year.  In some cases, there is a professional maintenance or property management staff that handles property care matters.  So don’t assume your vacation home will have issues with utilities, yard debris, unsanitary conditions, etc.  You just might be pleasantly surprised with how clean the home is upon your arrival.



Fact: Vacation Home Rentals are Available Just About Everywhere

Take a look at the home rentals available throughout the country or even the globe and you will find a seemingly endless number of options.  Homes of all types are available in nearly every locale.  This means you can rent a home whether you are temporarily between living spaces, while escaping from the work grind in an exotic locale or when vacationing across the state.  It is nearly guaranteed you will find a reasonably priced rental home in proximity to your primary points of interest.

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