Has your house started losing its beautiful face? Is your house deteriorating already? Are you noticing any leakage or fade in the paint you use? If that yes, then you need to remodel your house or do some repairs. 


Just like every other thing, houses to have a lifespan expectancy after which they start to deteriorate and fall apart in the long run. This is why you need to update your house regularly at one point or the other through a home update. Home update or home remodeling is an act of improving your houses to prevent them from deteriorating after some time. 


You do not need to wait till your house start deteriorating before you do the necessary home updates. Every 10 year is okay for your house to look as sleek as you always want it.



1. Repaint Your House

Ten years is a long period for a paint to stay on your house. If the last time you painted your house was ten years ago, you might need to get it repainted. This will not only increase its attractiveness but will increase its worth. Your guests will be impressed with the consistent beauty of your house. You should always remember that when your house painting starts fading; your house will be losing its beauty gradually. You can keep your house beautiful by making sure that the paint is always intact.



2. Windows and Doors Update

While faulty windows and doors might make the occupant uncomfortable, old ones will make your house unpleasant. You wouldn’t want to sleep in a house that with little or no security because of an old/broken window or door. How will you also feel if your house leaks during winter because of your old door? Well, it depends on you but as for me, changing my doors and windows every ten years is non-negotiable. This does not mean I wouldn’t change it if it is faulty. 



3. Update the Kitchen

What is more annoying than a rusty cabinet handle or knob? Ten years is enough for you to continue using your cabinet and some other things in your kitchen. They also get old! Change or repair them. Please don’t wait for them to get rust before you do so. The dishwasher and sink also need some update. You might also need to change the outlook of your kitchen to make it alive once again. To me, a comfortable cooking experience would make food more delicious. 



4. Refurbish your Bathroom

Within a space of ten years, your bathroom might have amassed much dirt that you might imagine. The thing you can do is to bring some tools in to help with the repair and cleaning of your bathroom facilities. You can hire a cleaner to help you with the cleanup while a professional plumber can fix the bathroom facility. The bathroom curtain and other outdated items could be also be changed if possible.



5. Buy a New Carpet

Regarding quality, a medium-grade carpet cannot last for a period of 10 years, though this depends on many factors. Nevertheless, it is expedient that you buy another carpet when the one in your house has lasted for up to ten years because by then, it probably will have lost it shine and comfortability. There tend to be a lot of stains, odor, and tears on it. A new carpet will also give your house a sense of newness and your house wouldn’t feel or look so old. 



6. Replace Your Washer and Dryer

Consider yourself lucky if your washer and dryer have lasted ten years and are still working. This is because the average washer and dryer last for around 8 years. Therefore, consider this the perfect time to purchase both of these appliances. You’ll likely get better functionality, and of course, you’ll get an updated house.

Though it might seem stressful, home remodeling pays off in the end. You never can tell how far these little updates can go. So, stop wondering! Go for the updates and get right to it. You’ll be amazed at how much your house will change.