Bathrooms more than almost any other room in your house shows its age immediately. It’s fairly easy to walk into someone’s bathroom and determine whether it’s old or new. From layouts and coloring to the appliances bathrooms show their age. Remodeling can be a hassle and there’s lot of things to consider. If you’re looking for a way to update your bathroom and give a new fresh feel, here are some things to keep in mind during the process:



Decide what kind of remodel you want


updated bathroom


The first thing to figure out when planning a bathroom remodel is to decide what kind of remodel you want. Are you looking to update the appliances and do some painting? Or are you trying to do a full scale remodel and gut everything and start from scratch? Consider what kind of style you want; vintage or modern. This will obviously depend somewhat on the size of the budget you’re working with.



Determine your budget

The average cost of a remodel, according to Angie’s List, ranges from $9,600 to $11,000. Some projects can run for as little as $2,500 while larger full scale remodels can get up into the mid-twenties. It all depends on how much you’re planning on doing. Once you layout what your project will entail and how you’re going to budget it, then you can start exploring your options and playing with the endless possibilities.



Consider buying used


New fresh bathroom


If you’re trying save costs or stay within a budget, one way to keep expenses low is buying used fixtures. Things like toilets, showers, and sinks can all be purchased used for vastly discounted rates. The Habitat for Humanity Restore specifically deals with home fixtures such as sinks and toilets and offers great value prices. Another option is to refinish things like your bathtub as opposed to buying brand new. According to Home Adviser, installing a new bathtub can cost you nearly $3,000 while the average cost to refinish a tub is about $460.




If you aren’t looking to break the bank on your bathroom update, something as simple a new paint job can go a long way. Going a Home Depot and picking a color and then painting yourself will save you lots of money while still giving your bathroom a fresh new look. Doing the remodels yourself in general is a great way to save money. Hiring professional contractors can really add up to your final price. Typically around 20% of remodeling costs are from the cost of labor. If you are able to, going the DIY route is always a good choice, especially if you’re only updating a few things here and there.



Keep the environment in mind


bathroom fixtures


When you’re doing your updates to your toilets and showers and the like, consider getting environmentally efficient fixtures. Low flush toilets use significantly less water and are highly desirable for people remodeling who are looking to be environmentally conscious. Used and re-purposed materials are also a good way to green without spending a lot of green.


There’s lots more to consider when remodeling your bathroom but those are some things to get your started. Remodeling is a process and having a plan and an ideal vision is key. Figure out how much you want to do, how much you want to spend, and what sort of style you’re aiming for. From that point on, there are endless possibilities. If you can afford it, gutting it and starting fresh can be one of the most fruitful options.