Are you finding it a struggle to sell your home?

You might have a few solutions waiting for you on your favorite social media platform! There are plenty of things you can do to market your home online. Today, we are going to break down a few powerful ways to use social media to sell your home.



Create a Real Estate Farming Facebook Page

One great technique for Facebook is to get people to like a Facebook page that is dedicated to selling homes in a specific area. This technique is known as real estate farming.

These Facebook pages are designed to get likes by those interested in owning property in a specific area.

Modern Homes San Diego is a wonderful example of this technique. To utilize what they have done on that page, make sure to create a Facebook page that showcases some of the best listings near your location. Make sure to use a social media schedule to post daily.

Once you gain significant traffic, post a link or two to listings that you have to promote. We recommend linking your blog content to these pages if you have some.



Utilize Pinterest Local Groups

One MASSIVE opportunity for realtors is Pinterest. 

Pinterest drives thousands of visitors to real estate websites every single day. The key to marketing your properties on Pinterest is to create local boards. You want to get as many people as possible to follow that board too. We recommend creating a board and inviting others to become ‘collaborators’ on it.

Using this method, you can get people to help you add pins to the board. In doing so, you can build a digital community of people around you that you would love to sell properties to in the future.

Once you have a listing, pin some professional photos to your board with outbound links to your listing. It’s an excellent way to get users in your area to see photos of your listings.

Check out this Dallas Homes Pinterest page for some inspiration.



Create YouTube Video Tours

One of the best ways to present properties to people buying online is through YouTube video tours. Even if you’re not a video guru, you can use free video creators, such as Magisto, to mix together short clips and make your videos more interesting.

Of course, you’ll want to get some views on this video too. To do so, you’ll need to market it.

Here are a few channels that you can use to market your YouTube video tour:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Email Blasts to Friends, Family, and Clients
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Twitter
  • Your Personal Blog

Once your video has more than 100 views, it will begin showing up in Google searches, which will, in turn, help with your marketing. Make sure to include calls to action in your videos to get buyers to your website too!

Using social media to sell your home in 2020 is a must. Make sure to get in touch with us here at National Cash Offer with any questions you may have!