When buying a home you want to find the best loan with the best interest rate. In order to secure that, you’ll need to find the right lender. Never settle for the first interest rate you receive. Carefully research different lenders and apply to several. From there you will be able to find the best mortgage lenders and get the best rates. 


best mortgage lenders


Explore all your options


According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, nearly half of all home buyers take the first loan they get without shopping around for others. Different lenders have different policies which means your loan terms and interest rates will vary from lender to lender. The difference between a 0.5% interest rate and a 1% interest rate can be tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments. For that reason home buyers should always apply to multiple lenders to get the best interest rate.


Ask friends and family for recommendations


A trusted lender is the key to finding the right loan terms for the right home. A lender can help make your buying experience smooth and seamless. Sometimes the best way to find a trustworthy lender is to ask friends and family for recommendations. If you have friends with similar financial situations as you, you’ll want to ask about the specific terms they were able to negotiate so that you can try to negotiate similar ones. 


Consider working with a mortgage broker


One method to securing the best mortgage terms is by working with a mortgage broker. Brokers serve as middlemen between buyers and lenders and advocate on behalf of the buyer to negotiate the best terms. Brokers do charge fees, however, if you don’t mind paying them, and don’t want to spend all that extra time negotiating with lenders. Using a broker can help you navigate all the fine print during the application process. Like with lenders, it’s important to also screen and vet brokers before picking one to work with. 


Determine what type of  lender is best for you


How to find the best mortgage lenders


Nowadays borrows have more options than ever. Not only do have to consider what lender is best for you, you also get to consider which type of lender is best. Borrows can choose from going with a local bank, a big bank, an online lender, or a credit union when applying for a mortgage loan. Each has pros and cons, knowing which one is best suited for your situation will streamline your loan application process. For example, local banks typically offer the same kind of loans as larger banks, however they provide more personalized assistance. Online lenders have become very popular in recent years. Online lenders such as Lending Tree and Quicken Loans have dominated the online mortgage market. Decisions at local banks are made in-house which can help expedite your application process. However, they sometimes also offer fewer options due to a lack of resources compared to larger banks. Research each type carefully and make your decision.


Arrive to the negotiation prepared


Like with anything, the more prepared you are going into it, the better you’ll fare. One tool at your disposal is a lender’s online quote. Familiarize yourself with the terms of their online quote and bring it with you to negotiate. Compare their online quote with what they quote you in person, it can be potentially be used as leverage. Be sure to ask what kind of lenders fees they levy, what their application turnaround time is, what their down payment requirements are etc. Applying for loans can be a grueling process, but the better prepared you are, the higher the chance it will work out in your favor.