A foreclosed is a house or home put on sale by a bank, government or lenders after taking the ownership from the owner who cannot continue to pay their homes or mortgages. The reasons related to foreclosure include of owners bankruptcy, the owner is having more debts such as medical debts, expensive house maintenance and prices of homes going down. The foreclosed homes are relatively cheap compared to other homes. For instance, foreclosed homes for sale in Phoenix AZ are thriving and affordable compared to the other types of homes.


You should follow the steps below if you are planning to buy foreclosed homes


The majority of people who want to buy houses should look for houses for sale in Arizona, and to follow the following procedures to get the foreclosed houses at an affordable price.



Know your budget

List all your monthly expenses and decide the amount you will afford to pay on the mortgage. Your monthly debt should be 43% less than your gross income for the month. To determine the debt income, you must follow the procedures used to get debt income, analyze your total gross income and the expenses plus that for the mortgage you want to purchase. In case your debt income is higher, paying for the mortgage will be a problem. Do not buy a home that you cannot afford.



Find and Hire the Right Real Estate Agent

Anyone planning to buy a foreclosed house should hire an experienced foreclose real estate agent with vast knowledge on the local market to ensure you find a property that meets your standard and at a reasonable price. You can find an agent from a website. Sometimes a buyer can also work with the banker’s agent if he wants to save on commission cost. The majority of lenders or bankers allows real estate agent to look for buyers on the foreclosed properties. The agent must also notify you in case you need to hire an attorney or inspection officer.



Get the Pre to approve Letter for the Mortgage or Home

The pre-approved letter helps you know the amount you will spend on the mortgage reduces the time taken to research for the best houses and allows you to budget. You might also have an advantage in case of multiple bids from different buyers. The pre-approved letter determines the buyer credit score, especially when dealing with sensitive lenders or bankers when it comes to credit issues. The lenders will also assess the amount of loan to lend you.



Make an Offer

The majority of houses for sale like the houses in Phoenix Arizona prices are determined by banks and sold at market value. You should contact the third party person, also called the trustee, the person selling the houses on behalf of the bank, government or lender to confirm more details regarding the homes before the auction. The real estate agent will guide you on selecting the best and acceptable offer and also presents it to the lender in contract or paper form.


When making an offer, make sure you indicate the appraisal and inspection process in it. In case the appraisal shows the price list is higher than the value for the houses you can request for a room of negotiation.



Conduct property Appraisal and Inspection

A thorough inspection must be carried out on foreclosure homes to determine the nature of the properties and the necessary cost of maintenance. Foreclosed homes always have a lot of breakages and damages. The lenders will use the appraisal letter to determine the amount of loan to offer you.


Most of the foreclosed properties need proper inspection compared to houses sold by owners. It helps in uncovering the damaged properties and the cost required for fixing the damages. The majority of Banks and lenders dealing with homes for sale in Phoenix az prefers to take inspection as part of the offer. They asked the buyer to order for inspection before closing the sale deals.


Hire an expert to handle the inspection process. The inspector can visit the property and look for all the damages such as roof leak and note down all the details. After the inspection, a letter is presented to you with more information on the findings from the inspection process. A buyer is allowed to walk away in case the houses have more problems. Most of the time, there is no room for negotiation offered on foreclosed homes. The buyer is always responsible for all the cost incurred for fixing and repairing the property if he chooses to buy it.



Closing the Sale

After the inspection, you can go through the appraisal and inspection letter to ensure you are satisfied by the home. Ensure you have the required amount when ready to close the deal, you can ask your mortgage lender to finalize the loan process. The real estate agent will submit your contract and prepare for closing the sale after the mortgage lender approves your loan and the bank approves your offer.


The process requires a lot of paperwork. Your agent will update you on every step involved. In case you are not ready at the agreed time some of the lenders will penalize you each day past the agreed dateline for instance when dealing with lenders handling houses for sale in Phoenix they penalize a certain amount each day from the dateline.


If everything goes on smoothly and all the transaction process is completed, you will receive the new ownership of the house.



Final Thoughts

Owning and finding a house in Phoenix Arizona, is not easy, especially on a tight budget. Most foreclosed homes for sale in Phoenix are cheaper and below the market rates compared to other houses. A real estate agent will help you find a standard house of your choice at an affordable price. The only disadvantages with these houses are the damages or breakage, and most of them sold AS-IS. If you follow the right procedure, you will close a deal owning your dream house at an ideal price without wasting much time searching.