It’s no question that purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make. We know that you probably have some specific things that are a “must-have” with your new home. From the white picket fences to the island counters, people have an idea of what their dream home will look like down the line.


Unfortunately, people have a difficult time prioritizing certain things and spend a lot of time going back and forth on houses because they can’t afford their dream home, yet they can’t let things go. This article will help you decide between the things you do and don’t need so that you can make a compromise and find the home that is perfect for you!



1. Make a Priority List

This list should be full of home attributes that you absolutely cannot live without. For example, if you live with a bunch of dogs, a backyard is a must. You can’t have three dogs cooped up in a small house all day. If you or one of the family members is handicapped, you would be much better off living in a one-story home. These are priority items.



2. Make a List of Surrounding Amenities That You Must Have

Do you have children or are you planning to have children? You’ll probably need to have a school somewhat closeby. You’ll also need to consider the quality of the school and the district. How long are you willing to commute. A 10-minute commute vs. an hour-long commute is huge. Consider your surroundings early on and you’ll be much happier you did down the road when life is far more convenient.



3. Make a List of Things You CAN Compromise

Okay, let’s say you want a house with a pool, but you have looked at all of the houses in your area that fit your must-have descriptions and none of them have a pool. You can’t change the school district, the number of stories in the house, or the surrounding area, but you can add a pool into your home down the line. If the home doesn’t have the gorgeous, wood floors that you’ve always dreamed of, who says that you can’t install them later on?




The best way to compromise when you are buying a home is to stay practical. You may not be able to find the dream home with everything you ever wanted. Not many people do. If you find yourself visiting home after home after home without any success, you know it’s time to compromise.

Remember there are changes that you can always make down the line including flooring, kitchen cabinets, appliances, pools, and much, much more. Then there are things that you can’t change, like re-locating your home, restructuring the surrounding neighborhood, or making the house bigger.

We hope that this article has motivated you to compromise and finally close the deal on your dream home! Have you ever had to make compromises on a home before? How was your experience down the line? Let us know in the comments!