Now that spring has officially kicked off (although in some states it is still cold), it’s now time for spring training baseball, warm weather, and homes that are made for the season. To get your ready for the beautiful season, we have listen our top 10 cities with homes that are made for the spring with decks on the outside of the homes.

A backyard deck is one that has an area that is specifically made for you to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with a lawn chair. We looked at the top 10 cities with homes for sale that have backyard decks for spring. These are the top 10 cities for homes with decks, just in time for spring:



Top Places for Homes with Decks



Our data shows that homes with decks are most common in some unexpected cities and areas in that city. There’s only one city in California that made the list, which is more surprising to us. Most of the top 10 was filled with colder inland and East Coast cities. This may be due to the fact that cities with colder climates are also places that prepare and appreciate the warmer temperatures when the springtime rolls around.