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Top 10 Home Selling Secrets

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Looking for some good home selling advice? Here are some tricks of the trade to get you started.


1. Price Your Home Right


Figure out what your home is worth and price it properly. If your smart, you’ll shave off around 15% of the price and watch buyers flood the gates. These buyers will inevitably bid up until they’ve reached the price you initially wanted.


2. Show Off Your Storage


Buyers love looking for storage. They can simply never have enough. Make sure to organize or empty your closets or cabinets to give buyers an idea of what they could do once they have all of this storage at their disposal.


3. Let The Sun In


Maximize your home’s light. Buyers want a home with good light. Consider removing lampshades, cleaning the windows, taking down those old curtains, and increasing your lightbulb wattage. You may even want to go as far as cutting the bushes outside your window to let in some sunlight.


4. Find the Right Agent


So many people fail to optimize their selling process simply because they’ve hired the wrong broker. Get a broker who is informed and can constantly monitor MLS to see what is happening in the market. A tech-savvy broker is key, as they will have more tools available to sell your home.


5. Hide Your Pets


Just because you love your dog does not mean a potential buyer will. The last thing a buyer wants is to walk into a home and smell kitty litter or see a messy bowl of dog food. While it might not seem that crazy to you, it will give them the impression that the house is dirty.


6. Be Conservative with Upgrades


While you can perform some quick-fixes before selling, don’t feel the need to do an all-out home makeover. You likely won’t make your money back if you do. paint the walls, clean the curtains, and replace and broken door handles. That new kitchen you saw on HGTV? That can wait.


7. Strip Your Home of Your Personal Life


You need to get rid of your personal items, including memorabilia, family photos, and other keepsakes. The more of your personal collection that is in the house, the fewer potential buyers will be able to imagine themselves living in it. Hire someone to stage your home and maximize the space.


8. Keep Your Eyes on the Kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of the home. While you should probably hold off on a full-fledged kitchen remodel, there are a few things you may want to consider that could help you get a hefty return. Consider purchasing one expensive appliance. Paint the walls with a neutral color so potential buyers can envision their own style. Maybe add some new and updated cabinet hardware. Be simple and thoughtful.


9. Be Ready to Show


You never know when the right buyer will come through the door, meaning you must always be ready to greet them. Get rid of dust, keep the sinks clean, scrub the bathroom tiles, and get rid of funky odors.


10. Make a Great First Impression


Buyers will judge your home before they even walk through the door. It is so important to make a good first impression. Spruce up the exterior of your home and clean off that entryway. Put a bit of money into your home’s curb appeal and it will help your home sell.

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