Are you trying to get started in real estate?

You might be asking what the best strategies are and how many steps you have to take until you become the millionaire you always wanted to be.

Of course, getting started isn’t simple, especially when you consider the changes that have come into play after COVID-19.

In this short blog, we want to get you settled in with the idea of real estate investing by showing you what you need to do to get started.



Number One – Set Your Goals

You need to know where it is that you want to be in ten years. Maybe you want to own a few rental units that can provide you “x” amount of income. Perhaps you want to retire. Perhaps you want to acquire properties in different environments around the globe.

Having an understanding of what it is that you want will allow you to carve out a path so that you can get to where you want to go. This will also help to guide the decisions that you make.



Number Two – Build Your Team

If you are eventually going to scale your portfolio or your real estate investing business, you are going to need a team to help. Without a team, you won’t have the freedom that investing can offer.

It’s impossible to become an expert in all things. We wouldn’t recommend trying it either. Instead, find the right experts in each area and hire them to do the job. These people have already spent many years becoming experts in the fields of property management, fundraising, marketing, and more.

A great team will probably include lenders, bankers, cleaners, insurance agents, managers, and lawn servicing people.

One thing that is important to note is that your business results will only be as strong as the weakest link in your team. You need to hire a top-notch team if you want to find success.

Once you have your team in place, make sure not to micromanage them. Remember, you took the time to hire the best people. Let them do their jobs.


Number Three – Make The Right Offers

To get started in real estate, you need to begin making offers. Reaping the rewards of buying or investing in property is impossible unless you have made offers. Put all of the property criteria out in front of you to make sure that they match your goals and your portfolio. You can then begin to make offers as often as you can.



Investing During COVID-19

Investors have to tweak their strategies and their tactics during COVID-19. Tons of investors are moving away from flipping houses at the moment due to the uncertainty of the housing market on the other side.

Instead, many investors are turning their focus to wholesaling. Keeping an eye on wholesale properties is one of the best ways to add passive income to your portfolio.

Getting started is far easier than you might have thought, though it does require having goals, finding help, and taking action every day to move closer towards success.