Why should you take a cash offer on your house, home, or property?


It can be a very difficult question to ask yourself.  Why would you want to sell your home for a cash offer rather than list it on the market and see how it performs?  Real estate on the market though is quite a gamble.  You don’t know how long you will be stuck with the property.  If you are trying to purchase another home with the contingency that your home sells, selling your house traditionally via the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) can put your other home purchase in jeopardy.  No one wants to let their perfect home go because their current home hasn’t found a buyer.  Or perhaps you have a lot of expensive repairs to consider.  Do you really want to spend the money up front for repairs that result in a smaller return?  No, of course not.  There are also plenty of other reasons you would consider taking a cash offer for your home rather than selling it traditionally.  

If you are at the point of considering a cash offer, here are some of the biggest benefits we have seen after working with thousands of homeowners and getting their feedback.  

Why Should You Consider Taking a Cash Offer on Your Home - National Cash Offer

  1. Less Worry – A cash sale takes into account the lowest you should expect from the sale of your home as well as the highest price that you can expect.  Repairs and other market value factors are also considered but you do get to walk away with a quick and painless cash offer.  
  2. More Secure – Selling to a Real Estate Investor is more secure than selling to a handyman or flipper.  If you hire a handyman to give you an estimate and he also offers to buy your house to flip you have to ask yourself if your handyman padded the estimate.  Sometimes you expect that the handyman you sold your house to is going to flip it, as he stated, but then he decides to live in it or rent it out for residual income.  
  3. Considers All Motivations for Selling – If your main motivation to sell is to have a simple and quick sale.  No complications, no uncertainty.  If you are motivated beyond just price, selling your home to a cash offer will give you huge incentives.  
  4. Quick & Simple Closes – Cash offer sales close quickly and simply.  Honestly, there are fewer people involved in a cash sale so they close within 10 days instead of 30 or more compared to traditional selling methods.  
  5. Leaving your home in as-is condition – With so many traditional sales there seem to be little improvements you need to make.  Cash offers usually will buy your home as-is.  You don’t need to repair anything because they are real estate investors and fixing up a home is part of their business model.  

These are just some of the biggest reasons we have found that help our homeowners make the decision to sell for a cash offer.  If you are ready to move forward to discover more information, contact us today at National Cash Offer to see how we can buy your home for a fair cash price!