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Top 5 Cities To Live For Assisted Living

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When it comes to finding the best place to spend the laters years in life, seniors have many things to consider. Some seniors who are more active than others are typically looking for communities with other seniors where they can socialize and be comfortable. For seniors who many not be able to do day-to-day things on their own, finding a place to accommodate their needs is extremely important.

From recreation, to affordability, to comfort, and beyond, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best cities for assisted living. If you or your loved one is a senior looking for the best place to fit their living preferences, then definitely stick around!



Austin, Texas

You probably know Austin as this weird music and college town in a strange, liberal pocket of the south. What you might not know is that Austin was listed among the top ranks for “senior-friendliness” by SeniorAdvice’s website.

The weather here is pretty neutral all-year round and there is a ton of healthcare access for the older population. They have some of the best hospitals in the country, as well as a wide variety of assisted living communities.

While the cost of living may have increased over the past decade thanks to the recent influx of people, the city, just like the rest of the state, is still free from income tax, making it cheaper in the long run.



Miami, Florida

One thing that seniors love most about Miami is that you get that beautiful, tropical weather almost all year-round. No more having to worry about shoveling snow out of the driveway or having to walk a mile in temperatures below 0. The cost of assisted living is well below the national average, about $700 lower, and there are retirement-friendly tax laws, which make it even cheaper in the long run!

There are tons of different recreational activities to get involved with as well, and an abundance of cultural activities to take part in too. You can even move a bit south into Vero Beach if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. 



Portland, Oregon

Portland’s Park Place has been cited by many as the country’s very first assisted living facility, and it’s still running today. Beyond Park Place, Portland has a wide variety of Medicare-friendly facilities and is one of the most progressive cities in terms of pushing for home-based healthcare.

Beyond that, Oregon Health & Science University is known to have some of the most developed healthcare facilities on the west coast. The climate is pretty temperate with cool summers and wet winters, though it never gets too cold. There are also tons of parks and shops to explore in short distances, without the need for transportation.



Phoenix, Arizona

There is no doubt why so many seniors end up moving to Arizona when they retire. The temperatures are incredibly warm all year-round, they don’t tax social security benefits, and they have some of the best golf courses in the country. For seniors in lower income margins, Phoenix is excellent.

There are a wide variety of different assisted living places, each of which blend nicely into the desert landscape. There are an abundance of physical and cultural activities in or just outside of Phoenix that are senior-friendly as well.



St. Louis, Missouri

You may be surprised to know that St. Louis is one of the most senior-friendly cities in the entire country. The access to senior healthcare in Missouri at hospitals like Barnes-Jewish is phenomenal. There are also a plethora of in-home care options, as well as assisted-living facilities.

The best thing about St. Louis is that the cost of living in St. Louis is very low compared to many major cities in the U.S. With an array of recreation options including a variety of city parks and over a dozen golf courses, St. Louis seems like a no-brainer for seniors looking to stay in the Midwest.

These cities represent a diverse spread of some of the best assisted living cities in the country. Each of them has unique characteristics so that hopefully you can find the perfect place for you or your loved one.

Do you or one of your family members have experience living in a great assisted home? Let us know in the comments!

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