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Top 5 Cities To Live In For Green Homes

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There is a common misconception green homes are available in large numbers throughout the country.  Though the push for green living is gaining momentum, some cities have more green homes than others.  Green homes are those that are considered energy-efficient.  The purpose of owning a green home is to help preserve the environment while simultaneously reducing utility bills.  Examples of green home features include low-flow faucets, solar panels, energy-efficient appliances and dual-pane windows.  Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the top five cities to live in for green homes.




1. San Diego, California

Head on out to San Diego and you just might feel like you are in heaven.  In particular, Sycamore Estates, Clairemont Mesa West and Allied Gardens have numerous green homes.  This part of California is rife with homes featuring solar panels and energy-efficient appliances.  Some homes in this area also have drought-resistant landscaping to boot.  In terms of new home construction, a growing number of newly-built San Diego homes and homes currently under construction are being built with solar panels along with additional energy-efficient features.



2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Most people are shocked to learn one-third of all homes sold in Philadelphia have a green listing description.  Some of the greenest homes in Philadelphia are found in Olde Kensington, Squirrel Hill and the Fairmount District.  The green homes in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood are selling for about 45 percent more than those located in areas lacking green features.  It is clear that there is significant demand for green homes in Philadelphia and beyond.



3. Fresno, California

Eco-friendly homes are popping up all over Fresno.  Pinedale, Hoover and Fresno-High have an abundance of green homes.  In fact, many of the older homes throughout Fresno are being renovated with green improvements.  Check out the homes in this part of the Golden State and you will find plenty of solar panel tiles and solar panel roofs.  Fresno residents far and wide are updating aged windows with brand new triple-paned windows that facilitate insulation so the home can retain hot and cold air as appropriate.  Fresno residents are even going as far as adding drought-resistant landscaping, awnings and other elements in the yard to provide shade.




4. Los Angeles California

Los Angeles’ Arts District is undoubtedly one of the chicest places to live in L.A.  This trendy part of town is also incredibly green.  Renovations combined with new construction of green homes have helped countless Los Angelenos enjoy a greener lifestyle.  In fact, a growing number of lofts for sale in Los Angeles are equipped with energy-efficient appliances that reduce the strain on the environment as well as the strain on homeowners’ pocketbooks in terms of monthly  utility costs.



5. Richmond, Virginia

Countless homes throughout the Richmond area are undergoing renovations with the overarching aim of making these living spaces as green as possible.  In particular, many homes in the area built before 1930 are being provided with updated water tanks and heating systems that are energy-efficient.  New environmentally-friendly condo units are also popping up left and right throughout Richmond.  The uptick in construction provides builders with the opportunity to add a plethora of green features to these living spaces.

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