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Top 5 Reasons To Sell Your Rental Property

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One of the best ways to obtain financial freedom and create passive wealth is by becoming a landlord. However, as with all businesses out there, investing in real estate is not for everyone. There are many disadvantages to being a landlord, which is why so many inquire about selling their rental properties.

Over the years of investing in homes through National Cash Offer, we’ve seen plenty of landlords dip their toes into the rental property investment game, only to have major regrets later down the line.

Of course, the real question is,

What do you do if you have a rental property, but you want to get rid of it?

Let’s go through some of the major downfalls of being a landlord and find out what you can do to sell your home fast!


Downsides to Owning a Rental Property


Bad Tenants


People often get into the rental property investment game because of the cash flow. You might be someone who excels in construction and flipping old, worn-out properties. However, learning to deal with tenants is an entirely different ballgame.

There is a chance that you could end up feeling like you’re babysitting, especially if you have tenants who lie to you, break things often, and cause trouble with neighbors.

Having a bad tenant is one of the main reasons landlords ultimately decide to sell their rental properties.


Time Management


You always have to be on the clock as a landlord. A tenant could call you at any hour of the day. There always seems to be something wrong really late at night or when you’re on vacation. Being a landlord isn’t a part-time job that you can just forget about after 5 p.m.


Property Damage


Even the best tenants around have accidents, which can lead to property damage that you have to deal with. If a tenant doesn’t tell you about the damage right away, then you’ll likely find out when they move out. The last thing you want to have to do is pay for damages or try to recoup money from a tenant who doesn’t want to pay.




As a landlord, you have quite a bit of documentation to manage. From mortgages to tenant files to insurances to taxes and beyond, there are plenty of things that you need to keep organized. If you don’t have a system in place, this kind of paperwork can get very overwhelming.


Financial Black Holes


Unfortunately, there are some properties out there that suffer from bad luck and will continue to drain your wallet until the end of time. if you own a money-hungry property, the only thing you can do is keep a ton of cash on reserve to fix things. You might consider selling your property before it drains you completely.


How To Sell Your Rental Property Fast


While we might make it sound like being a landlord is a terrible list of downsides, it’s not. However, you should take these things as serious warnings, especially if you identify with any of them.

If you’re a landlord and you’re looking to get rid of your property fast, consider selling to us here at National Cash Offer. We can give you a fair cash offer and help you sell your home in as little as two weeks without any hassle!

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