Typically before selling your home, you must go through the process of an appraiser looking into every corner of your home. If you haven’t gone through this yet then this article may help you be prepared for what exactly they’ll be looking for. An appraiser can affect your real estate value and by being prepared you can actually save money. Where will an appraiser usually start?



Exterior of the Home

From the outside in an appraiser will check to see the condition of your home. They will check the walls, roof, and foundation of your property. A standard appraiser won’t just take a glance at these areas, they will thoroughly inspect them to find any faults. 

An appraiser has an eye for defects and won’t miss one specifically on the roof. Any roof damages may turn bad quickly and can make the home inhabitable so don’t be surprised to see them checking this area the most. 


The Plot

Appraisers tend to also look at the land the home is built on to see if there are any concerns. They will be seeing if the ground easily floods on the property. Also, they will see if the house is located at the bottom or top of a hill and if it has previous weather damages. Really, anything that would be a concern to the lenders. 


Interior of the Home 

When inspecting the inside of the home the appraiser will quickly judge the condition of various areas to see if they are good or bad. Some areas like windows and doors, flooring, walls, plumbing, electrical, kitchen, and bathroom are all essential parts of a home and will be checked. 


Any Renovations

Any additions to the home will interest the appraiser because that will definitely change the original value of the home. Be sure to make a list of anything new or improved in your home since you bought it. New cabinets, floors, oven, etc, can affect the price. Appraisers will love anything that extends the life of a home so don’t shy away from sharing this information. 


How Clean

This isn’t what they care about really but can affect how an appraiser does their job. If the area is messy then their first thought is something may be wrong and that’s what they will focus on. Give them no reason to take any value off your home. Make everything presentable and clean as if you had just bought the home.


Extra Tips

  • Make sure to be open and up front. If they suspect you’re hiding anything they will assume something is wrong. 
  • Be kind. They are there to do their job and you shouldn’t make it harder for them. 
  • Repair what you can before they come. This will show that you are willing and taking care of the property ahead of time.
  • Get your own appraiser so that you can know beforehand what are some obvious issues.