Congrats! You have finally made the decision to sell your home. Now all you have to worry about is the moving out process. The beauty of selling to a company like National Cash Offer is that you don’t need to worry about deep cleaning or having to leave furniture behind.

However, the moving out process isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s imperative that you follow a few helpful tips to ensure you can make the next transition in your life as smooth as possible.


Start Earlier Than Later


If you don’t plan ahead, moving can be a huge hassle. The minute that you decide to sell your home, being decluttering, organizing, and gathering everything that you will need to move. Order some bubble wrap and packing tape. As for cardboard boxes, you’ll likely be able to find these at your local grocery store or on Craigslist for free!

Begin setting aside your belongings in the weeks leading up to your move and start packing items that you won’t need right off the bat, including seasonal clothing or decorations.


Hire a Moving Company or Get Help From Family & Friends


Whether you are planning on hiring professional movers or getting some close friends and family to help you, make arrangements NOW. You might also want to consider moving a few days prior to your final walkthrough to account for any items you may not be able to bring your first time.

Moving can be expensive, which is why we always recommend asking friends and family first. Just make sure to offer them free lunch!


Remember Your Paperwork


Before you move, we recommend taking care of any necessary paperwork, including new insurance policies, address changes, and utilities. Make a checklist so you don’t let any of the necessary steps slip your mind. This way, you can check one thing off each day without it feeling overwhelming.


Prepare Your Home Ahead of Time


You don’t want to be scrambling to pack everything up minutes before the buzzer. Clear paths for moving furniture and stack up boxes that are already packed. Start moving boxes on your own if you have access to your new home prior to your move-in date. Not only will you save time and money when moving day comes around, but you’ll also feel more in control of your precious belongings.


Prioritize and Declutter


One of the best times to assess your belongings is on moving day. Set any items aside that don’t spark “joy” (thanks Marie Kondo). For the most part, if you haven’t thought about a certain item in six months, then it might just be time to get rid of it.

If you want to make the moving day process easier, having less to bring along with you is a good start. You might consider having a garage sale or posting your unwanted items to places like Facebook Marketplace or Offerup. This way, you’ll make some extra cash that you can use to buy new things to fit your place!