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Top 5 Unique Features That Can Help Your Home Sell

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One of the best ways to have your home stand out is by creating a space that stands apart from the rest. Here are 5 unique features that can help give your home listing a bit more flair.


An Imaginative Playroom


Parents often create playrooms for their little ones to create, play, and let loose. Of course, a crayon-covered backroom isn’t exactly going to be a turn-on for buyers. However, an imaginative, well-constructed playroom with deluxe furnishings can be a major selling point for families with children.

Plus, if a kid can fall in love with a home, they might even be able to convince their parents!


A Backyard Oasis


There is nothing quite like the feeling of being wrapped in lush greenery, especially for those who live in a city environment. It is a great idea for homeowners to put some thought into their backyard spaces. In a time like the present, people are looking to find ways to escape at home.

Often times, escaping means brewing up a cup of coffee, pulling your favorite chair into the sun, and listening to the birds in the backyard for a ten-minute work break. While having a backyard oasis can be nice, we caution homeowners to build it in a way that is easy to maintain. The idea of long-term upkeep can scare off buyers.


A Blissful Bathroom


Ask any real estate expert and they will tell you how important it is to buyers to have updated kitchens and bathrooms. If you want to leave the competition in the dust, we recommend going above and beyond with your bathroom and crafting a retreat.

Think vanities, beautiful tile, walk-in showers, jetted tubs, and more. A bathroom that people can envision themselves spending time in can help sell a home unlike anything else.


Unique Architecture


If you’re sick of the same old cookie-cutter architecture of newer homes, know that there are millions of people who feel the same way. The unusual characteristics of a property can draw people in. Winding floor plans, hand-placed windows, and cozy outdoor spaces can make for great selling points.

People love to feel unique and a unique home can say a lot about someone.


Keepin’ it Green


Homeowners are far more eco-savvy than they ever have been. If you understand the idea of Low-VOC, FSC-certified, or passive heat gain, then you probably know a thing or two about energy efficiency. The term “green” is an excellent term to generate buzz around a property.

Buyers want high-performance insulation materials, efficient water/heating systems, and solar panels. They want energy-efficient designs that can save them money in the long run.

Homes with green features are homes with major selling points built-in. Of course, it is equally as important that you or your realtor understands how to communicate these features to prospective buyers.


When selling your home, make sure to work closely with your agent to evaluate the unique features of your home and see if it is worth emphasizing them. If you have any other questions regarding your home’s unique characteristics and whether or not they can make attractive selling points, make sure to get in touch with us here at National Cash Offer.

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