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Top Five Home Improvements That Pay Off

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Home improvement can seem like a hassle to many people, though what most people never consider is how certain home improvements can maximize returns.

Let’s take a look at some of the top five home improvements that pay off in the long run.



The Bathroom Remodel

On average, it costs about $10,000 to replace the bathtub, the tile surrounding the tub, the toiler, the floor, the sink, the fixtures, and the vanity. On resale, you’ll get around $10,500. This means that on average, you will receive a 105% recoup.

If you can spell a name on a birthday cake with icing, then you can definitely recaulk your own tub. Can’t fit your old tub out the door? Try re-glazing it instead. It’ll only cost you upwards of $400 to do so.

Make sure to remove old shower doors if you can to create the illusion of openness.



Optimize The Landscaping

According to the American Nursery Landscape Association, the average homeowner spends around $3,502 on landscaping. If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to the landscaping around your home, head to your local garden center, and see if they provide any free design services, as they often do.

You can even talk to your neighbors and see what has worked for them.

There is nothing more eye-catching than having a splash of color in front of your house. Sod alone costs around 30 to 35 cents per square foot. To redo a large, 5,000 square-foot yard, you would pay around $1,500.

Having a charming front-of-house look can add major value to your home.


Minor Kitchen Remodel

For an average of $15,000, you can cover about 30 feet of cabinet and drawer refacing, a new cooktop, a new wall oven, new fixtures, a new sink, new countertops, and high-quality flooring. If you have a home that is valued at over $500,000, we recommend going with more expensive countertops, such as glass or stone.

Sand and paint existing cabinets to brighten up your kitchen. Doing so is far less expensive than buying brand new ones. You can even change the window molding or change the drapes to add decor detail without a serious cost.



Small Exterior Improvements

To replace 1,250 square feet of vinyl siding, you’ll spend an average of $7,200. People often get an average return of 95.5% on their vinyl siding improvements in the long run. You can cover 400 square feet of your house with a gallon of paint alone. Make sure to use paint color cards to choose the correct color for your trim, siding, and doors.

Remove old awnings, pergola, swap out old wrought-iron railings for real wood.



Convert the Attic

To convert an attic into a bedroom, you’re looking at an average cost of $39,000. However, at resale, you can recoup an average of $36,000. The west coast has the best recoup rate for attic bedrooms. Within that price is the bedroom (around 15 feet x 15 feet), a bath and shower, a closet, and four windows.

Of course, you must check to see if your HVAC system can handle a new room. If it cannot, you must factor in the cost of another unit.

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