The city council of Glendale unanimously decided in September of 2017 to open up a Topgolf in Glendale, AZ.  Drive Shack, which is a New York based company announced on the first week of September that it was opening up a Topgolf at University of Phoenix, AZ. The facility will be a gorgeous three-story building that will be located at the southwest corner of Bethany Home Road and 99th Avenue. The physical building will be just west of Loop 101, in Phoenix. The facility is expected to open some time this year in 2018. The company Drive Shack has been looking to build more locations of golf-like sports in Phoenix and also Richmond for quite some time now. This location will be at Westgate of Glendale and will be the fourth location for Topgolf in the valley. The locations of Topgolf around the valley include; Scottsdale, Gilbert and Tucson.


Glendale is the home of the Arizona Cardinals (who just signed star WR Larry Fitzgerald for another year) and the Phoenix Coyotes. The city has been growing ever since it became the home of the two teams and has been expanding various businesses ever since. Restaurants, clothing stores, fast food eateries, barbershops, and Dave & Busters have all built their market and business around the growing area of Westgate. The company of Drive Shack is expecting at least 45,000 people in its first opening year because the area is growing in population.


The concept of Topgolf for the facility is similar to that of a real driving range, but with adult drinks, regular drinks & food, a big screen television and a swimming pool. The beauty of Topgolf though, that separates itself from a regular golf course is that after you hit the golf ball, you don’t have to fetch for the ball. Drive Shack was influenced by technology when they started Topgolf, it has had a HUGE influence because you are shown where to hit the ball for accuracy to keep score. It’s the equivalent to a bowling alley, but with golfing. Topgolf is the ideal spot to bring people of all ages (even kids), have fun and compete against each other with great food and drinks!