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Ways a Floor Plan Will Help Sell Your Home

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Floor plans are important. In fact, they’re so important they can help you sell your house faster. It’s no surprise that you want your home to stand out, appeal to buyers, and do well in your local market. You need an extra edge on the competition. That’s where your floor plan comes in.


Why is a floor plan so powerful? Simply put, it helps accurately express exactly what your home has to offer. Photos are great, but they often don’t give the full picture. Homebuyers need a way to really understand your home beyond the photos, and your floor plan can do that. Here’s are the ways your floor plan can help you sell your home faster.



Floor Plan



1. Floor Plans Save Time

Since the majority of homebuyers browse online for nearby homes for sale, you need to make things easier for them. Buyers spend so much time arrangement appointments, traveling to homes for tours, and researching. They don’t want to also wonder about the floor plan on top of all that.


If you have your floor plan online, you help buyers understand more about your home. Beyond the photos, they now have a way to picture your home’s layout before they even make an appointment. That will help you find better-fit buyers the first time around, before even making an appointment.



2. Show Accessibility

Some buyers really worry about a home’s accessibility. If someone in their family has a disability, special needs, or is aging, knowing the layout really matters.


With a floor plan, potential buyers can see where doors and entryways are, as well as whether it’s easy to navigate in the space. This really sets your property apart.



3. Help Buyers Personalize the Space

You want your prospective buyers to really picture themselves in the space. The more they can see themselves at home in your property, the more likely they’ll make an offer.


When you share your home’s floor plan, they can see how their things will fit in the space. They might notice the bedroom is the perfect size for their king bed, or that the kitchen has room for the table they’ve always wanted. Thes things really help set expectations. Floor plans put the buyer “in” the home so they can see themselves living there.



4. Stand Out

Last but not least, using a floor plan in your online listing or during an open house will help you stand out. Too many buyers feel like they lose track of the homes they tour, and that means they might have a hard time remembering which home was yours.


When you offer a floor plan to anyone visiting or searching online, they’ll be able to remember your space more easily. Simply put, you stand out. In addition, you’ll come across as much more professional compared to the homes that didn’t include any kind of floor plan.



Practical Tips for Including Your Floor Plan

How can you make the most of your floor plan? Before you use your floor plan in your listing or at your open house, consider these key tips:


  • Include dimensions and measurements to help buyers see their furniture in the space
  • Add a site plan to see how the home fits in the total property area
  • Print your plans in full color
  • Include windows, doors, and other important details
  • Keep your floor plans simple and easy to understand



Put Your Floor Plan to Work

These are the ways your floor plan can help you sell your home. Believe it or not, floor plans are often overlooked during the home selling process. In most competitive markets, you can’t afford to give up this advantage over other sellers.


It’s time to put your own floor plan to use with these tips above. You’ll be attracting more buyers in no time!

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