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Ways to Cool Down Your Home This Summer

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Summer is right around the corner. If there’s one bad thing about this time of the year, it’s the rising temperatures.


While this means it’s the perfect time of the year to hit the beach of the pool, it also means your home is going to get hot and humid.


But your home should be a place to relax and escape the heat during the summer. Unfortunately, though, cranking the AC is also a great way to increase your electric bill.


In order to keep your house comfortable this summer, consider trying some of these tips that can help you cool down your home as temperatures start to rise.



Use Fans

Perhaps the most obvious tip, but be sure to keep your fans on and have one in every room.


Ceiling fans and standing fans use considerably less power than AC units — meaning, they’ll have much less of an effect on your electricity bill.


While fans won’t make a huge difference, they can cool down your home by a few degrees, which can make a big difference when temperatures outside are in the 90s and above.


Also, be sure to set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise in order to create a downward, cooling airflow.



Window AC Units

Depending on where you live, temperatures might be too extreme for fans to make a noticeable difference. But that doesn’t mean you have to rely on your central AC system to cool down your home.


Window AC units can cool down your home without using nearly as much power as central air conditioning. Window units won’t cool down your entire home, but they are great for making individual rooms more comfortable during the warmer months.


These AC units are also much cheaper than central AC, so you may be able to afford to buy several to put in each of your main rooms. Just make sure to only have them running when you’re actually using the room in order to keep your utility costs low.


Unplug Your Electronics

Electronics will emit heat as long as they’re plugged in — even if they’re currently turned off.


So, when you aren’t watching TV or using your computer, make sure to unplug them in order to prevent them from making your home even hotter than it is.


You can also use a smart power strip to reduce the heat that your electronics emit if you don’t want to unplug them every time you stop using them.



Close the Blinds

When you’re not at home, make sure to close the blinds.


By leaving your blinds open when you’re away, your home can get extremely hot throughout the day. Closing your blinds will help your home remain at more comfortable temperatures during the summer.



Keep Doors and Windows Closed

Lastly, don’t let all of your home’s cool air escape by leaving windows or exterior doors open. You want your cool air to remain inside when it’s hot outside.


In addition to this, keep your interior doors open to let cool air flow freely throughout your home. Closing interior doors can block the cool air from reaching all of your rooms.


Nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollar to keep their home cool during the summer. Use these tips to help keep your house at comfortable temperatures without running up your electric bill.

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