When it’s time to sell your home, it’s important to take full advantage of every opportunity to find a buyer. This means making sure that your home is in great shape during showings so that viewers can envision your home as theirs.


If you own a pet, part of ensuring a great experience for viewers is making sure your pet doesn’t bother them throughout the showing.


Even if you know that your pet is harmless and friendly, some buyers may be put off by the presence of your furry friends. Whether they are afraid of animals, have allergies, or other concerns, not all buyers are comfortable around animals. Beyond this, pets can impact your home’s appearance by leaving fur and paw marks on surfaces and furniture.


In order to make your showing a success, consider these tips to occupy your pet during a showing.



Take Your Dog for a Walk

First and foremost, why not take your pet for a long walk during your showing?


You need to ensure your pet is not bothering potential buyers, but you might not be comfortable with sticking your dog or cat in a crate. Taking a walk will make sure your little friend is having a good time while viewers are touring your home.


As the homeowner, you don’t necessarily need to be present during the showing as long as your agent is around.




While animal daycares are typically used when you’re planning on being out of town, there’s no reason you can’t pay to have them take care of your pet for a few days while you show off your home.


This is a particularly good option if you insist on being present while you’re holding an open house. Your pet will have a great time and you can be around to talk to potential buyers.



Hire a Dog Walker

Stuck at work or out of town while showing your home?


Hire a dog walker or dog sitter to pick up your dog for a few hours while you’re away. You’ll be able to focus on your responsibilities while ensuring that your pet is being taken care of.


This can be a great way to occupy your pet while selling your home.



Set Up a Pet Room

Already moved a lot of your stuff out of your home?


If you have an empty room to spare, you can set up a room for your pets to play and hang out while you show off your home. Just be sure to pet-proof the room with things items like floor pads to make sure they don’t do any damage.


Try to use a small room, like a guest room, so that you can still show off important rooms like your master bedroom or home office.



Ask a Friend for Help

Lastly, you can always consider asking a friend to take care of your pet while you sell your home.


Between work, selling your home, and other responsibilities, you might have trouble taking care of your pet until your home is sold.


In this case, ask a good friend if your pet can stay with them for a few days or weeks while you focus on finding a buyer.


In order to find a buyer and sell your home quickly, consider using these tips to occupy your pet during a showing.