When realtor companies say the phrase, “we buy houses” is it a scam? Even such businesses in the real estate market like “we buy houses” a scam? Or like ours for instance, which we offer cash directly to pay our customers; are cash offer companies like ours a scam? Speaking for our company National Cash Offer, No! But are other companies like ours a scam? It all depends on the company, the brand, if they are true to their word, if they have actual workers, etc. We have REAL credibility that we will go over and touch on in this article so that you know if or if not a “we buy houses” like our motto is a scam or not.


Our company is not a scam and our customers respectfully stand by our product. We are known as a reputable company that has a positive and just about flawless service to our customers. The reason why is because we let our service speak for itself when catering to our customers’ needs. We make sure that our customers are not going to ever feel the need to say that we buy houses is a scam.


We take pride in our customer service centered product that is National Cash Offer so that the public can never say that National Cash home buyers ripped them off. We are home investors and no; you will not get ripped off with a home investor. We stay true to our word with our home investors, who are us that offers the actual product and delivers the money on time, whether it is cash or a check. Judging from the testimonies in this article, our product is a 5 star service!