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What Are The Basic Maintenance Needs for My Property?

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Property maintenance is crucial in order to preserve and increase the value of your property. However, it can be difficult to know what needs to be done, especially for first-time homeowners and investors.

Every home needs to have certain monthly and annual maintenance tasks taken care of in order to ensure that the property remains safe and valuable. Moreover, certain maintenance tasks can save your money by increasing your home’s energy efficiency.


Here are a few of the basic maintenance tasks that you need to take care of on your property.



HVAC Maintenance

Every month, you should be sure to inspect your HVAC filters and change them if necessary.

Many home maintenance experts recommend changing your filters on a monthly basis to ensure your HVAC system remains efficient and in working order.


However, if you don’t have any pets and maintain a relatively clean household, this likely only needs to be done every couple of months. Simply make sure to check your filter regularly to see if it’s dirty.



Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors could save your life. Carbon monoxide, in particular, is undetectable by smell or sight, so your detector is the only way to know if you have a leak or not.


As such, it is important to inspect them every few months to ensure they are in working order. Testing is simple. Most detectors have a test button. Just make sure the batteries aren’t dead and that they still beep.

If they aren’t working, be sure to replace them immediately.



Check Water Heater

More specifically, you should be sure to inspect your water heater’s pressure release valve two to three times per year.


This will help make your water heater run more efficiently and protect against potentially disastrous leaks.




Clean Gutters

This isn’t just for cleanliness and aesthetic purposes. Gutters serve an important purpose by preventing water from collecting on your roof.


Backed up gutters can lead to mildew, insect infestations, and mold. Be sure to clean them regularly to prevent damage.



Inspect Your Roof

The effects of weathering can leave your roof damaged over time. This can lead to holes in your roof which leave your home susceptible to leaks or insect and rodent infestation. If your roof has extensive damage, you may need to hire a professional to repair it.


Additionally, be sure to regularly clean your roof to get rid of potentially harmful molds and mildew.



Lawn Maintenance

Of course, one of the most basic property maintenance tasks is taking care of your lawn.

Mowing, weed pulling, and taking care of plants will help retain the curbside appeal of your home over time. If you ever plan on selling, an unkempt lawn can be a major turn off to potential buyers.



Inspect the Exterior

Regularly check for any chipped paint, damaged siding, mold, and other damages.

Be sure to immediately cover any holes or cracks in your home’s exterior. Leaving these unattended can lead to bug infestations that can be difficult and costly to get rid of.



Regular Cleaning

Likely the most basic necessary home maintenance task is regular cleaning. Not just your standard sweeping and dusting. You should be sure to perform a deep clean every three to six months.

Not only is dirt and grime disgusting, but it can damage your appliances and affect your health if not taken care of.


Of course, this isn’t an all-encompassing list of home maintenance tasks. However, these are a few of the most basic tasks that should be taken care of by every property owner on a regular basis. Neglecting to do these tasks can affect the safety and value of your property over time.

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