There is nothing more important than the security and well-being of you and your loved ones.  You need a home security system to protect your family and everything you value.  However, no two home security systems are the same.  Let’s take a look at some of the best options that will keep you protected. 



1. ADT Pulse 

ADT is one of the home security industry’s top names for good reason.  ADT boasts more monitoring centers than any other home security provider.  Opt for ADT Pulse and you will enjoy an array of smart home integrations.  You can choose your own equipment, sit back and rest easy knowing the vast network of ADT monitoring centers will keep your property secure.  If smart home integrations are your thing, you will find ADT’s Pulse plans are perfect.  These plans seamlessly blend smart home integrations to make your living space as efficient as possible.



2. SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is easy in all regards.  This home security system won’t strain your budget, is simple to install and can be ordered with ease over the web.  Though SimpliSafe requires a DIY (do it yourself) installation, it is affordable and effective.  Some SimpliSafe users pay as little as $14.99 per month for professional monitoring.



3. Vivint Smarthome 

Have Vivint installed at your home and you will enjoy a combination of top-notch security with the efficiency of smart home device integration.  Vivint provides easy mobile control, reliable equipment and connectivity with just about every smart home device.  If you are willing to pay a premium for this high-end equipment, you will enjoy the protection of a world class alarm system for years or even decades to come.  The icing on the cake is Vivint allows you to automate just about everything from the garage door to the lights, heating/cooling systems and beyond.



4. Nest Secure

Nest Secure is favored beyond those who own the uber-popular Nest Cams.  This security system is innovative, user-friendly and highly effective.  There is no need to bother remembering a key code; rather Nest Secure relies on motion detectors with sensors along the windows and doors for multi-device operationality. Furthermore, those who already have a Nest product in the home such as a smart thermostat or a nest camera will find Nest Secure fits in seamlessly. 



5. Protect America 

Are you on the prowl for home security equipment with a lifetime guarantee?  Protect America is the answer.  This home security system is fairly basic yet it is easy to install and runs as low as $19.99 each month for landline plans.  Those who do not mind an affordable bare bones style setup will appreciate the simplicity of Protect America.  More importantly, this home security system actually works even though it is reasonably priced.  You really can take a month or week-long vacation away from your home without worry, knowing Protect America will keep a watchful eye on your property.



6. Adobe

Those looking to monitor their own system without paying through the nose will find this system has its merits.  Adobe offers homeowners a true DIY (do it yourself) approach without the annoyance of a monthly fee.  Adobe combines home monitoring with smart home integration anyone can master.  Opt for Adobe and you can monitor your property from any location with your smartphone.  The only downside to Adobe is the camera quality leaves a little bit to be desired.  Adobe also offer professional monitoring for a higher monthly fee.