Washington State ranks first in the country in pears, spearmint, apples, sweet cherry, and red raspberry production. The State has several large cities that house numerous local, national, and international companies, which provide a healthy market for residents. Seattle, for instance, is a commercial city in the State that hosts businesses like Amazon, Microsoft Windows, Boeing airplanes, and Starbucks coffee, among others. Hence, Washington provides a desirable location to which you can move. Houses in Washington State have much to offer and anyone looking to move to the Evergreen state should consider these places to live.


Therefore, what are some of the best places to live in Washington State? Well, we provide you with information regarding four of the best cities in the region that will enable you to identify the area that best suits your needs and preferences. Here are descriptions concerning Spokane, SeaTac, Tacoma and Everett, which will allow you to evaluate the cost of housing and environmental conditions, and ultimately select the best area to live in Washington State.




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Founded in 1810 and located in Eastern Washington, the city features the Spoken River that bisects the area and runs through the Downtown region. As well, you can enjoy the beautiful geography of Spokane that includes coniferous forests, plains, prairies, hills, and Mount Spokane. The city’s location between the Rocky Mountains and Cascade Mountain Range provides Spokane with a distinguishable climate. In winter, the snow can pile up to 48 inches, while in the summer, temperatures can rise to 80 and 90 degrees.


Moreover, the city is home to numerous businesses in the entertainment, medical, education, service, retail, and wholesale trade industries. These enterprises drive Spokane’s economic growth and provide the 219,190 population with employment. The houses in Spokane Washington have a median home value of $277,909 and a median rent value of $1,395. Homes in Spokane WA feature mid-century and modern architecture, ensuring that you can find a property that matches your style.


Besides this, you can obtain higher education from universities such as Gonzaga University, Eastern Washington University, and Washington State University. Schools like the Spokane Public Schools (District 81) and Central Valley School District also provide quality education for residents living in the various neighborhoods in the county. All of these are great reasons to consider houses in Spokane.



A portmanteau of Seattle and Tacoma, this city located in King County, is home to around 28,298 people. The diverse population includes White, African American, and Asian residents, with the majority speaking English and Spanish. The families with children make up about 46% of the people, which makes the city a great place to raise a family. Further, the median age of 34 years ensures you can find a suitable neighborhood in SeaTac for young professionals.


Even though the cost of living in the city is high, the median household income in SeaTac is $48,487, which is lower than the State’s average by 23%. The median home value is $246,100, while the median rent price is $986. Nonetheless, you can look at some of the best houses for sale in SeaTac that offer various styles, prices, and features, and get a home that you love and can comfortably afford.


Living in SeaTac is highly convenient due to the proximity to local amenities. Depending on the neighborhood you select, you can walk to restaurants, libraries, and coffee shops, whereas some areas may require a short drive to accomplish a particular task. Several public schools such as those in Kent, Highline and Renton School Districts enable children in the city’s neighborhoods to access quality education conveniently.





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The third-largest city in Washington is home to numerous companies that serve businesses in the South Sound region, which makes it a perfect place to live for various people, including young professionals and families with children. Famous for its glass art, Tacoma has a vibrant culture that provides its 216,279 population with an urban feel. You can also get to appreciate art at the historic theaters and museum district. The convenient transportation system ensures you can get in and around the city with ease while working, shopping, touring, dining, or attending school.


Importantly, houses in Tacoma WA incorporate a variety of architectural styles to blend with the neighborhood. Hence, you can find a perfect home of your choice in one of the urban, suburban, or mixed communities of the city. The median income in Tacoma is $52,042, while the median home price is $203,600, and the median rent value for a one-bedroom is $947. Living in Tacoma enables you to explore the stunning nature of the city through visits to the parks, gardens, and wildlife or waterfront restaurants. Houses in Tacoma are affordable and have much to offer for families.



Everett is the largest city in Snohomish County, with a diverse population of 111,262. The region has pleasant weather throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 36°F to 77°. The cloudy, wet, and freezing winters, along with the partly cloudy, short, and warm summers, ensure residents avoid weather extremities. Furthermore, the outdoor concerts, cultural programs, festivals, and parades ensure you and your family can have some social entertainment in the city.


You can find some of the most beautiful neighborhoods with convenient access to amenities like shopping stores, schools, restaurants, and even parks. The friendly communities in this city also provide a suitable environment for raising families. Houses in Everett WA have an average rent price of $1,829 and a median home price of $362,975. The homes range from no bedroom to those with more than five bedrooms, which ensure that there is something for everyone.


Additionally, the convenient transport system in the various neighborhoods within the city ensures children can comfortably attend any of the surrounding schools using public or private means. The companies based in Everett also provide a job market for the residents living in the area, making it ideal for professionals.


In summary, these cities provide you with an insight into what to expect in each region in Washington State. By looking at the features, amenities, population, education, and housing costs, you can determine the area that will best serve your needs. Consequently, you can find a perfect home in any of the neighborhoods within the cities mentioned above that will suit your lifestyle and personality Houses in Washington State are sure to provide you with everything you need to move into your dream home. Whether you’re looking for houses in Spokane or houses in Tacoma, or houses in Seattle, you’ll be sure to find something in the Evergreen state.