After you graduate from college, one of the first major decisions you need to make is where you want to live. It’s important to take your time to consider all your options and choose the city that meets your needs.


Not only do you need to consider your career opportunities, but you also should consider living expenses and real estate prices. Choosing the right place to call home can help you find the perfect job while offering low living costs and great amenities.


Let’s take a look at which cities are the best for college graduates in the United States, and how you can find the right place to live.



Best U.S. Cities for College Graduates


While the right city for you depends on your specific circumstances, these three cities offer great career opportunities, high quality of life, and affordable living expenses. If you’re a recent college graduate, these cities should be on your radar when looking for a place for you to call home.



Madison, Wisconsin


Madison, Wisconsin is home to the great University of Wisconsin. As such, this college town is full of great amenities and career options while offering low living costs.


Madison is one of the fastest-growing tech markets in the country, boasts very low unemployment rates, and ranks highly in categories like social life and entertainment.


While the city’s booming job market has increased rental and home prices, these prices are still relatively low compared to many major cities. The average rent for a studio in Madison, for example, is $859 per month and $1,029 for a one-bedroom.



Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington has no shortage of job opportunities, particularly for college graduates looking for jobs in tech. With major employers like Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, and Starbucks, Seattle offers one of the most attractive job markets in the country for college graduates.


The biggest downside of living in Seattle as a college graduate is the higher cost of living. The average studio costs $1,570 per month, while the median home price is over $700,000. Other expenses like transportation and groceries also tend to cost more than other cities in the U.S.


While living expenses might be higher in Seattle, many college graduates will find that the booming job market and great social scene make the Emerald City a great place to call home.



Minneapolis, Minnesota


Minneapolis, Minnesota is a fairly affordable city, making it a great choice for college graduates. The average rent for a studio apartment in Minneapolis is $807 per month, while the median home price is about $270,000.


Like Madison, Minneapolis is a college town as it is home to the University of Minnesota. This means that college graduates will be able to live and work amongst their peers without being subjected to high living costs.


While the weather can be harsh during the winter, Minneapolis is a fantastic city that offers affordable prices, great amenities, and plenty of job and education opportunities.


Together, these three cities all offer nearly endless opportunities for college graduates. Remember to look for areas that offer career opportunities in your field, have reasonable living expenses, and have stable real estate markets so that you can buy and sell your home with ease.