You can hardly ignore how California is lively. How picturesque and touristy this place is cannot go ignored. Its vibrancy and sense of life are almost unmatched. Most people are now moving to this beautiful state in droves. And perhaps, it would be best that you be no exception.

Interestingly, California boasts of a vibrant mix of languages and cultures. This aspect makes it one of the most exceptional places to live in. You will hardly go wrong by choosing to buy a home here.


Over the years, California has showcased a blend of both charm and contemporariness. However, each place within the state comes with its distinct taste and preference. It is for this reason that it would be valuable to consider understanding various communities existing here.

Well, there are various places for you to consider. However, we shall focus on those that will offer you the best experience during your stay. They will always include the following.



1. Irvine

Irvine is seated at the heart of Orange County. This place prides itself on a vibrant job market and plenty of career opportunities. It will often be a perfect match for young professionals too. While at it, you will witness how family-friendly and safe the place is. Did we mention its beautiful weather?

Houses in Irvine are relatively affordable. Currently, you will get a family-friendly home for between $840000 and $980000. Remember, these homes are not only impressive but could also be luxurious.



2. San Diego

This city is the epitome of cultural diversity. It is the largest city in the state and boasts of a population of over 1.35 million people. Also, you will appreciate how friendly its weather tends to be. And did you know that it is one of the happiest places for you to live in?

Let’s talk about the homes here. Usually, a home in San Diego will go for about $462000. Compared to the national average of $178000, it seems relatively less affordable. However, you will be confident of getting value for your money over time.



3. San Francisco

Well, everyone knows San Francisco as the home of fun. But what is more interesting is that it also assures residents of a relatively high income. The median income in this city is about $69700. Undoubtedly, you will desire to live in this place.

Buying a home in San Francisco could be relatively less affordable for many people. However, its high median income will be essential in offsetting some of these costs. You are likely to spend as much as over $768000 on a suitable home here.



4. Santa Barbara

In 2019, Santa Barbara took the 73rd place as the best location for one to live. It is one of the least populated metros in California. Currently, it boasts of a population of around 443000. If you want to lead a happy as well as healthy life, this would be the best place for you.

The median cost of houses in this area is about $464000. Despite this figure, you will be confident of getting value for your money at the end of the day.



5. Los Angeles

We can hardly fail to mention Los Angeles. It is the dream place for many people. You will get up to 4 million people in this city. This figure makes it the most populous city in the region. Perhaps, its various amenities play a significant role in attracting people here.

Indeed, Los Angeles is also one of the least affordable for those who want houses. The median cost of a home in this city is about $825000.



6. Sacramento

Who doesn’t know Sacramento? Its tree-lined streets make it one of the exceptional places in California. Besides, it perfectly blends the serenity of suburban life and the bustle of city life. Usually, it will be fit for those who want a sense of affordability and want to raise families without too much hassle.

Houses in Sacramento are relatively affordable. The houses for sale in Sacramento will go for about $238000. This figure is comparatively lower than the national average.



7. Davis

Davis is a relatively small community with a population of around 67000. It will often be ideal for those who prefer a sense of community. And did you know that it is technically a college town? It hosts one of the University of California campuses.

Houses in this region are relatively more affordable. The median value stands at about $537000. Or, you could choose to rent for slightly over $1000 monthly.



8. Bakersfield

Bakersfield is a provincial metropolitan town whose bustling nature you cannot ignore. Most people who prefer a strong sense of community will find this place fun. Besides, it assures you of a vibrant job market and affordability.

Are you looking for a house in Bakersfield? Indeed, this would be the best place for you to start a family. There are various homes for sale in Bakersfield at your disposal. Whether you want to lease or purchase, you will be sure of a suitable option.



9. Oakland

This city is on the east of San Francisco. One of the things that could attract you to this side of California is the weather. Its weather is relatively akin to the Mediterranean climate. Besides, this location will be reasonably convenient for you.

Homes for sale in Oakland will often go for about $450000. The rent is also reasonably affordable here.



10. Santa Monica

Are you looking for a place that assures you of sunny weather throughout the year? Santa Monica is the ultimate choice. It is quite close to Los Angeles and prides of a population of about 89000 people.

However, the cost of buying a home in this region could be relatively high. The median value is about $2 million. This value assures you of serenity, comfort, and security.


Indeed, living in California is the best decision to take. It guarantees you both comfort and fun. It is an experience you do not want to miss. However, it will be upon you to choose a community that gives you the best experience. The listed communities offer you invaluable insights into which option would be best for you.